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Jyväskylä City Library - Regional Library of Central Finland

Library rules, loan periods and fees charged by the library

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The collections, electronic materials and facilities of the library as well as the the expertise of the staff are available to all library users free of charge.

Library users may propose acquisitions of items and make reservations. Items may also be borrowed from other libraries through the interlending service. A fee is charged for some of these services.

Right of Use

Everyone has the right to use the library. A library card can be obtained by everyone who, when applying for one, gives the information asked including the social security number and proves his/her identity by presenting an ID card with a photograph. Home address must be one in Finland. Children under 15 years of age must have the consent of a parent or guardian.

The Responsibilities of a Library User

The library card is nontransferable and it must be presented whenever books or other items are borrowed or when required. The loss of a library card must be immediately reported to the library. Any change of name or address must be reported to the library as well. The card owner is responsible for the borrowed items and accrued fees until the card has been reported lost.

When obtaining a library card the library user signs an undertaking to comply with the rules of the library, to return the borrowed items and to pay the set fees. The full list of fees can be found here.

The library user agrees to compensate for damaged, lost or nonreturned items,

Suspension of borrowing rights

The right to borrow items will be denied for failing to return the borrowed items or neglecting to pay the fees. The library card will be blocked until the borrowed items have been returned and the fees paid.

The right to use the library and to borrow items can be temporarily denied for not complying with the rules of the library, for repeatedly disturbing the activity of the library, the work of the staff or other clients or for appearing intoxicated on the library premises.

Members of the library staff can order a disturbing client to leave.

Data Protection

The user file of the library is conforming to the law on personal data and is used for the lending system only. The information of the file will not be given to any outsider. Everyone has the right to check upon the recorded information about himself/herself. The file description is to be seen at the library.

The library staff, heads of departments and the library director will be pleased to answer any questions about the library and the services provided.

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