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Joukko eri-ikäisiä ihmisiä seisoo rivissä lähitalo Piippurannan Klubilla. Image Jiri Halttunen

The Kortteli Club (Vapaudenkatu 48-50) community centre in the city centre and the Piippuranta Club (Paperitehtaankatu 1) community centre in Kangas are open meeting places for people of all ages.

A variety of volunteers, organisations, associations and partners are welcome to organise open and free activities at these local centres.

It's easy and fun to come here for activities and hobbies, as well as just to chill out and meet people you know.

Open, free and community-based events can be organised free of charge on the premises of these community centres.

For families with children 

At the centres, there is time set aside for families with children to meet up. Playdates, The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare’s (MLL’s) evening cafés and monthly family craft nights bring families together to play and to get acquainted with other families in the area. 

Have you ever thought that it would be nice to make a hobby horse track indoors, but mum won't let you? Would you like to have a game night with other children in your neighbourhood? Your local centre could provide an opportunity for this!

For seniors

There are a variety of activities and events for seniors at the community centres. Groups run by volunteers and staff range from exercise classes to relaxed play sessions. Senior get-togethers are a great way to meet and chat with each other and spend time together.

Have you ever thought that it would be fun to cook and bake together, but you don't feel like doing it alone? Do you have a group of friends who need a place to get together and are open to having others join them too? 

The Piippuranta Club also offers Geronet tutors from the University of the 3rd Age to guide you through the use of IT and smart devices on Mondays by appointment.

Ask the staff at your community centre for more information or come and visit. 

For people of all ages

Have you ever thought it would be nice to have a board game night with the gang, or to do physical exercise together but there's not enough room at home? What if that board game night or exercise group were open events at your local centre? 

On Fridays, the Piippuranta Club also offers a community breakfast for a small fee. At the local community centres you can come and read the daily newspaper, Keskisuomalainen.

Various monthly lectures, information and discussion events are organised at the centres. Want to get involved in brainstorming for the Local Science Evenings? Fill in the questionnaire form here. 

At the local community centres there are also client computers which are freely available on a daily basis. 

Rent the facilities at the local centres

You can also rent the facilities at the local centres for private use, for example for anniversaries and family parties. Businesses can rent premises for meetings, presentations and paid events outside business hours, for example.

The booking form includes a price list and the conditions of use of the facilities.
You can ask the local community centre directly about renting the premises and the rental conditions. 

Become a volunteer at a community centre

You can volunteer just once or even regularly every week. Communities and associations are also welcome to organise community and open activities at the community centres. Sign up to volunteer at your local community centre. We also provide orientation, help and guidance.

Antti Rajala, antti.rajala[at]
Heli Silvennoinen, heli.silvennoinen[at]
Kirsi Takanen, kirsi.takanen[at]

Renting the local centres

You can rent the facilties at the local centres. The booking form:

More information

Kortteli Club (Vapaudenkatu 48-50) tel. +358 50 402 7442  
Piippuranta Club (Paperitehtaankatu 1) tel. +358 50 576 8086 or tel. +358 50 476 1961 

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