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1. For everybody’s benefit: remove your swimming costume/trunks and shower before entering the pool. Also wash your hair or wear a swimming cap. If you have long hair, tie it up. Hair ties are available from the life guard if necessary.

2. Shorts must not be used as a swimming costume. Swimming costumes/trunks are available for rent from the cashier!

3. Remove your swimming costume/trunks before entering the sauna. You may wear a towel.

4. Do not run in the pool area!

5. Show due consideration for others and allow them to swim undisturbed.

6. Parents are responsible for looking after their children. Do not leave small children unsupervised.

7. For your own safety, only dive or jump into the pool at the deep end.

8. Maximum admission time to the pool is 3 hours. Enjoy!

9. It is forbidden to consume any intoxicants or be under influence.

10. Please report to the life guard if you have any illness that requires special attention, such as epilepsy, a heart condition or diabetes.

11. You must not enter the swimming pool if have a communicable disease or skin condition. Make sure that you are in good health when coming to swim!

12. Chewing gum is not allowed in the pool area. Refreshments are available in the cafeteria!

13. Wear suitable clothes when in the gym. Always wear a top and trousers! Always wear indoor shoes (do not enter barefooted).

14. Use of perfumes: please use odourless products in moderation.

15. Leave prams and buggies in the lobby.

16. If you want to take photographs, ask the life guard for permission.

17. Swimming nappies are not recommended. Babies can swim wearing regular swimming costumes/trunks.

18. Follow the instructions given by the staff.

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