Appointments to coronavirus vaccination

Book an appointment for corona vaccination 

Currently being vaccinated: basically healthy 50-year-olds and all older, as of  3 May 2021

Order of vaccination: 

  • basically healthy 40- to 44-year-olds: online booking will open in week 21
  • basically healthy 45- to 49-year-olds: online booking will open in week 20
  • basically healthy 50- to 54-year-olds: online booking opened on 3 May 2021 
  • basically healthy 55- to 59-year-olds: online booking opened on 28 April 2021
  • basically healthy 60- to 64-year-olds: online booking opened on 22 April 2021 

Previously opened: 

  • For those in risk group 1 or risk group 2 based on an illness: online appointments continue
  • 65 to 69-year-olds: book an appointment by calling tel. 014 266 1472
  • all people aged 70 and over: book an appointment by calling tel. 014 266 1472

You always need an appointment for a coronavirus vaccination. A person’s eligibility for vaccination is always checked at the vaccination centre.

To book an appointment, you will need your banking codes to confirm your eligibility. In ”Koronarokotusten ajanvaraus” (booking corona vaccination), click the link "Siirry valitsemaan aika" (select appointment time). If you cannot see ”Koronarokotusten ajanvaraus” (booking corona vaccination) after identifying, you are not eligible to book, yet.

Please note, the interval period between the first and second dose is 12 weeks. The recommendation for persons, who already contracted coronavirus, is to get their vaccinations about 6 months after they were ill with the disease. According to THL, coronavirus is not known to have adverse effect on persons, who have asymptomatic coronavirus infection or infection in its incubation stage when they get their vaccination. 

23.4.2021: If you wish to replace Astra Zeneca with another vaccine when vaccinated for the first time, please inform us when you come to the vaccination point. You will then receive either PfizerBiontech or Moderna's vaccine.

Video instruction for booking an appointment

Under 65-year-old individuals in risk groups

  • Risk group 1 based on an illness: active now on the Internet
  • Risk group 2 based on an illness: active now on the Internet

Booking of appointments for individual’s with hearing impairment progresses at the same pace with other age and risk groups.