The upcoming year 2021 brings flamboyant colours, circle economy, and Finnish as well as international talent to the Craft Museum of Finland. The exhibition year includes both the museum’s own productions as well as both big and small-scale collaboration exhibitions.

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Mikko Oikari, senior curator, the Craft Museum of Finland, tel. +358 50 553 3880, mikko.oikari [at]
Marja Liisa Väisänen, curator, the National Costume Center of Finland, tel. +358 50 311 8247, marja.liisa.vaisanen [at]
Raija Manninen, curator of education, the Craft Museum of Finland, tel. +358 40 502 2887, raija.manninen [at] 

The central theme for the exhibition year is sustainable development, which is examined from many perspectives through crafts and design. For the fall temporary exhibition, the Craft Museum of Finland will even calculate the overall carbon footprint of the exhibition’s entire production process. 

The year will be kicked off by an exhibition that had to be rescheduled from 2020 due to the pandemic; Treasures of the Bazars showcases traditional textiles and jewellery from Morocco from the private collection of art collector Tuomas Sopanen. Pastoralism and traditions are markedly present in these everyday textiles and decorative items. 9.1.–18.4.2020. The Lobby Gallery will at the same time host visual artist Leena Illukka’s series of portrait slippers, which make a fun and refreshing break out of the traditional portrait genre in the exhibition called Come and Go. 18.12.2020–7.3.2021. The Window Gallery’s year is going to start off with a celebration as Jyväskylä-based Designer and Bachelor of Fashion and Clothing Miia Suojala’s sales exhibition 9.1.–14.3.2021 Design with Nature presents her new clothing line offering solutions to fashion industry issues as well as celebrates 15 years of Miia Suojala Design. 

The temporary exhibition changes later in the spring to Design Eija Rasinmäki – A Hand-Woven Life 29.4. –29.8.2021, which mirrors textile artist Eija Rasinmäki’s imposing 50-year career. Rasinmäki’s beloved and easily recognizable art rugs have long enjoyed an esteemed place in many Finnish homes. The spring exhibition in the Lobby Gallery, Darned and Patched, calls for new appreciation for repairing items 13.3.–9.5.2021. The juried exhibition produced by Finnish Crafts Organization Taito showcases crafts, creativity, and visionary skill through inventive and surprising concepts that also draw attention to the sustainable use and reformation of products. The Alley Gallery will get a new exhibition later in the spring, which recounts Stories Behind Lotta Costumes from Central Finland 16.4.–17.10.2021. For the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Lotta Svärd Foundation, this exhibition presents women’s aid work for the good of the motherland through the stories behind Lotta costumes from Central Finland. The Window Gallery will continue celebrating Central Finnish craft and design with the 10th anniversary show of Materia ry, the Association for Design and Artisanship of Central Finland. 20.3.–16.5.2021 Materia 10 presents new, curious, and open-minded high-quality work from seasoned professionals. 

At the beginning of summer, the Lobby Gallery will see a new touring exhibition from Pro Puu Association Wood in Interior Design 22.5.–29.8.2021. 11 designers and artisans have created innovative interior design concepts out of different kinds of wood. At the same time, the Window Gallery will display a new sales exhibition for the summer. Okra SHOP - Jyväskylä 22.5 –12.9.2021 brings the most popular items of Okra to Jyväskylä. The shop owned by artisans has been operating in the centre of Helsinki already for 25 years and it is known for its wide selection focused on colourful and high-quality handicrafts and design, including ceramics, jewellery, textiles, and glass. The museum lecture hall will house the Hand/Machine exhibition 29.6.–1.8.2021, where the traditional Hailuoto knits, both handmade and industrial, designed by Mari Nurmenniemi will offer a new take on the change in how clothes are made. In her art, Nurmenniemi ponders on the value and significance of handicrafts in the future and whether the manufacturing process of an item of clothing matters. 

The fall exhibitions will look at sustainable living and international design. The temporary exhibition taking over the entire building, Sustainable Colour 11.9.–5.12.2021 looks at the ecology of dying processes. Participating in the discussion on plant-based dyes, trends, future, and sustainability of dyes together with the Craft Museum of Finland are the Finnish Dyers’ Guild, the Finnish Colour Association, and the BioColour Initiative of the University of Helsinki. The exhibition is a part of a joint colour-themed fall of museums in Jyväskylä. 

The Window Gallery will dive headfirst into Iranian culture traditions in the 18.9.–14.11.2021 exhibition Heirs of Persia – Young Designers of Iran. The last exhibition of the year in the Alley Gallery will also focus on colours. Ikat in National Costumes 22.10.2021–April 2022 presents ikat dying technique and its uses in national costume fabrics. The exhibition year of the Window Gallery will once again end with a Christmas sales exhibition curated by the museum. Museum’s Little Christmas Shop 20.11.–31.12.2021 will offer a wide selection of Finnish handicrafts and design to stuff in your loved ones’ Christmas stockings. Right before Christmas opens textile artist Maija Brummer’s exhibition Winter Garden 18.12.2021–6.3.2022, where nature-themed wall-hangings glow in the colours of all four seasons, bringing a warm gust of summer breeze in the middle of winter. 

The display windows of Showroom (Kilpisenkatu 12) revolve around the themes of innovation, circular economy, and artisanal training. 12.1.–7.3.2021 The Story of Nettle – Ancient Wisdom Out of the Green showcases Riikka Platonova’s textiles made of wild Finnish nettle and Ritu Kokkola’s nettle paper pieces. 9.3.–2.5.2021 Circular Economy with a Crafty Twist exhibition presents diploma projects from the Jyväskylä Craft Center/KSL Study Centre vocational students. The works of craft school students will also be on display throughout the summer while the traditional Annual Exhibition of Jyväskylä Craft School takes over the space 4.5.–27.6.2021. Rykkityyki – Printing in Products and Art exhibition 29.6.–22.8.2021 tells the story of how rykkityyki came to be as a side product of fabric printing. Additional rykkityyki stories are told by a photography series by Helena Perhonen. The Showroom also wanders on the path of the elements of sustainable living in the fall through the Re-used exhibition 24.8.–17.10.2021, when the rag mosaics Sirkka-Liisa Kirjavainen has woven on a loom from everyday textiles and plastic waste have been hung up for display. In October, the joint exhibition of two jewellery artists, Kaisa Lähteenmäki of O’loisa and Paula Saunamäki of Tuulentalloja, Everyday Amulets 19.10.–12.12.2021 provides empowerment through the highlights of everyday life. The exhibition also includes a guitar by Vuorensaku Guitars which has been produced in collaboration with Saunamäki. The Showroom year ends with the Katie Kinsman’s World exhibition 14.12.2021–6.1.2022. 

Exhibition calendar for the Craft Museum of Finland for 2021

Main exhibitions
9.1.–18.4.2021 Treasures of the Bazars  
29.4.–29.8.2021 Design Eija Rasinmäki – A Hand-woven Life 
11.9.–5.12.2021 Sustainable Colour   

Lobby Gallery
18.12.2020–7.3.2021 Leena Illukka – Come and Go  
13.3.–9.5.2021 Darned and Patched
22.5.–29.8.2021 Wood in Interior Design
18.12.2021–6.3.2022 Winter Garden 

Window Gallery
9.1.–14.3.2021 Design with Nature – Miia Suojala Design 
20.3.–16.5.2021 Materia 10 
22.5 –12.9.2021 Okra SHOP – Jyväskylä 
18.9.–14.11.2021 Heirs of Persia – Young Designers of Iran
20.11.–31.12.2021 Museum’s Little Christmas Shop

Alley Gallery
Until 18.4.2021 The Magic of Tradition – Leena Jääskeläinen and Carelian traditional costumes 
16.4.–17.10.2021 Stories Behind Lotta Costumes from Central Finland
22.10.2021–April 2022 Ikat in National Costumes


Until 10.1.2021 My Shirt! 
12.1.–7.3.2021 The Story of Nettle – Ancient Wisdom out of the Green
9.3.–2.5.2021 Circular Economy with a Crafty Twist
4.5.–27.6.2021 Annual Exhibition of Jyväskylä Craft School
29.6.–22.8.2021 Rykkityyki – Printing in Products and Art 
24.8.–17.10.2021 Re-used
19.10.–12.12.2021 Everyday Amulets 
14.12.2021.–6.1.2022 Katie Kinsman’s World 

Lecture hall
Until 24.1.2021 Markku Piri – Fruits of Paradise 
29.6.–1.8.2021 Hand/Machine

Window to the Kauppakatu

Until 2.2.2021 World Vision Finland - the Doll Factory