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Oppilasjoukko istuu sohvalla ja nauraa. Image Hanna-Kaisa Hämäläinen
More information of secondary application for Viitaniemi School English classes will be send by Wilma at 24.10.2023.

The City of Jyväskylä basic education in English is provided in Viitaniemi Upper School.  The instruction is extensively bilingual: 60% of instruction is in English and 40% in Finnish. English is used for most part as the medium of instruction in academic subjects in the English-speaking classes while pupils are integrated into Finnish-speaking groups for the artistic and practical subjects where they receive tuition in Finnish. However, the teachers are capable of instructing pupils at least to some extent in English, too.

Either English or Finnish books, English materials prepared by teachers, and e.g. authentic instructional contents on the Internet will be used for teaching. Moreover, pupils, too, will prepare learning materials.

Study contents and goals will be determined in accordance with the local curriculum for all other subjects but English. British school books for pupils studying English as their second language are used for learning material, but they are much more demanding than the materials used by Finnish-speaking pupils at their English classes. The final assessment for English will, however, be assessed along the lines of the final assessment criteria of A1 language to safeguard equality for the pupils who studied in English with the ones who studied in Finnish when they are transferring to upper secondary education. 

Pupils will study Finnish either as their native language or as their second foreign language. Finnish language teachers will assess pupils’ Finnish skills and make the division if necessary, after discussing the matter also with the parents.

Application instructions and admissions criteria

1.    Application for basic education in English in the 7th grade takes place online at Wilma-system (logging in required) between 24.10. and 7.11.2023. Pupils receiving preparatory instruction for basic education, out-of-town pupils and pupils in Jyväskylä Christian School, Teacher Training School or Steiner School will apply using a paper-based application form. The form is to be returned to Viitaniemi School by 8.11.2023.

2.    Applicants’ Finnish and English skills tests will be held at Viitaniemi School on 30.11.2023, starting at 9.00. Applicants will be informed about the entrance test on Wilma. Decisions regarding pupils selected for instruction in English will be made by 12.1.2024.   

For more information    
Mr Jouni Hokkanen, Principal, Viitaniemi School , tel. 050 535 0475
Mrs Anne Yliniemi, Viitaniemi School, tel .050 359 6319
Viitaniemi school website