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Information for the seventh- and eighth-graders’ guardians will be send by Wilma-system  24.10.2023 

Seventh and eighth grade pupils in basic education can attend the secondary application round for music-oriented class in Kilpinen Comprehensive School between 24.10. and 7.11.2023. Application forms for music-oriented class are available on Wilma-system (logging in required). Transfer to music-oriented class will be individually arranged with pupils. Music will be studied in the 7th to 9th grade for two lesson hours a week in accordance with the pupil’s curriculum.    

Out-of-town pupils and pupils in Jyväskylä Christian School, Teacher Training School or Steiner School will apply using a paper-based application form. The form is to be returned to Kilpinen Comprehensive School by 8.11.2023.   

Pupils applying for the music-oriented class will be invited to an aptitude test. In the test, the pupil presents a song of his or her choice and takes the aptitude test. Playing a piece by a musical instrument in the test is optional but preferred. The applicant will also be interviewed during the test by a teacher.    

The number of pupils invited to the aptitude test is in proportion to available places at the music-oriented class. If preselection is required, the criteria used will comprise the pupil’s place of residence (priority given to applicants living in Jyväskylä) and musical involvement.    

The aptitude test will be held in November and qualified candidates will be invited to the test. Pupils selected to the music-oriented class in the secondary application round will be informed of the selection by 18.12.2023.   

For more information:   
Mr Juhani Lehtimäki, Principal, Kilpinen Comprehensive School, tel. 050 361 5958 
Ms Vilhelmiina Luokkanen, Music Teacher, Kilpinen Comprehensive School, p. 050 408 4929 
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