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koripallo, jalat ja urheilukengät. Image Jeff Juit
Information for sixth-graders’ guardians is in Wilma-system on the 24th October.

The City of Jyväskylä basic education sports-oriented classes are hosted by Kilpinen and Viitaniemi Upper Schools. The goal of sports-oriented class is to promote holistic development of young persons interested in sports. In the sports-oriented class, pupils are provided four lesson hours of compulsory physical education a week.

In the 7th grade the pupils have two lesson hours more physical education than other classes with the sports-oriented class having a total of 32 lesson hours a week on average. In the eighth and ninth grade additional P.E. lessons, i.e. 2 weekly lesson hours, reduce other free-choice options. 

The goals of sports-oriented upper school activities are the following

  • Allow for sufficient and diverse training during school days (physical education, morning training sessions, exercise during recess and breaks).  
  • Enhance athletes’ learning of diverse basic exercise and sports skills 
  • A pupil in the sports-oriented class will develop his or her life management abilities and receive skills to integrate studies with sports.  
  • Make pupils’ time management more effective. 
  • The time-table for sports-oriented classes will be prepared with Monday and Wednesday mornings free from subject education between 8 and 10 o’clock (7th grade has PE on Monday from 8 to 10).  
  • Morning training sessions are part of the training programme for pupils attending sports-oriented class. This should be discussed with the pupil’s coach already during the application period. 

Application instructions and admissions criteria 

Sign up for application for the sports-oriented class at Wilma-system (logging in required) between 24.10.-7.11.2023 and fill out the application form. Out-of-town pupils and pupils in Jyväskylä Christian School, Teacher Training School or Steiner  The application is to be returned to Kilpinen School by 8.11.2023. 

The applicant’s score will be based on their aptitude test. All Jyväskylä-based applicants will be tested without a separate invitation while out-of-town applicants will be sent an invitation if they are tested. For the test description is found on Finnish Olympic comitee -websites. (description is in Finnish)

Practical entrance tests will be held at Hipposhalli (address Kuntoportti 3, Jyväskylä) on Tuesday 14.11. at 8.30 girls and on Wednesday 15.11. at 8.30 boys. The tests start by roll call, followed by warm-up. There is a half an hour’s break for packed lunch. The city will provided packed lunches on the site. The applicants can bring their own lunch too. 

Successful candidates will be informed of admission by email on 12.1.2024 

For more information
Mr Juhani Lehtimäki, Principal, Kilpinen Comprehensive School, tel. 050 361 5958,
Kilpinen Comprehensive School -website
Viitaniemi School -website 
Wilma system -login