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Jätesäiliöitä ja takana punatiilisiä kerrostaloja. Image Tanja Oksa
A guide to innovative waste management has now been published.

In Circwaste-project in Kangas we have been planning and implementing smart waste management solutions between 2016-2023. The solutions encompass among other things central waste disposal, electric locking of the containers, marketing communication strategies and various experiments. During the project we have been compiled the lessons we have learned as a guide (available in English) designed to assist those planning innovative waste management systems.
There are topics covered at the guide that are good to consider during the planning process. There are also explained of how the things are implemented in Kangas along with challenges that we have been encountered during the project. The development continues and we hope that this guide can be used as an assistance when developing innovative waste management. 

You can access the guide here.

More information:

Tanja Oksa, Liaison Manager, tanja.oksa[at], +358 50 312 5358