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lapset hiekkaleikkejä leikkimässä. Image Dolly Aittanen
The autumn holiday in Jyväskylä early childhood education will be spent on 16-22.10.2023. At that time, early childhood education is organized only according to the needs reported by the families.

Basically, early childhood education is organized during the autumn holiday week only based on the guardians' attendance at work. The on-call arrangements during holiday periods aim to also enable the child's right to a holiday. Open day care centres will be found on the Early Childhood Education website during week 39, once the childcare needs have been confirmed.      

The need for early childhood education during the autumn holiday must be reported in the Edlevo system during 11.9 - 22.9.2023. The questionnaire can be found in Edlevo in the Daycare/Children's holidays section under the Children's holidays (report your child's holidays). Please note that you must answer the holiday questionnaire in order to receive a credit – simply declaring your childcare hours for the autumn holiday period is not enough. The holiday care needs questionnaire ensures the necessary staff resources for the autumn holiday period and allows staff to plan their holidays.    

From the existing care needs questionnaires, the Autumn holiday care needs questionnaire is selected. In the questionnaire, every day when the child is on holiday, i.e. does not need care (including weekends and public holidays) is entered in the calendar. After this the notification is confirmed and sent from the bottom of the screen. When you receive the notification "Holiday notification is received", press "Done". The holiday notification can be modified until the end of the questionnaire time on 22.9.2023.     

Don't reserve early childhood education just in case – a place will be found if your need changes  

 The City of Jyväskylä is preparing an economic balancing program for the coming years. We hope that the guardians will also take into account the financial impact when the care day reserved for the child is not used. If the autumn holiday program changes and the child needs early childhood education, a place can flexibly be arranged.  

The average cost per day of childcare is around 93 euros. When the day care centre knows well in advance how many children will be present, it is possible to plan the day care centre's safe daily routine as accurately as possible, taking into account staff numbers and meal orders.   

 The child's care times during the autumn holiday are reported in Edlevo's Notification of childcare hours section. When the questionnaire time has ended, families can report any unforeseen changes to their own group.  
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