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Kaksi polkujuoksijaa mustissa vaatteissa juoksemassa Maastiksen reitillä. Image Tero Takalo-Eskola
The first guided route of "Maastis," intended for mountain biking and hiking, has been completed and opened for outdoor enthusiasts in Jyväskylä.

The "Kulonpalonmäki Loop," starting from the Ladun Maja, is the first of the regional circular routes within the expanding Maastis area that encompasses the city. The total length of the Kulonpalonmäki Loop is approximately 15 kilometers, and there is a marked shortcut from the midpoint, allowing for a partial route. The route is available during the thaw period and can be used for hiking, running, or mountain biking. Users of the multi-purpose route are expected to be considerate of others, with faster individuals yielding to slower ones. Dogs must be leashed while using the route.

The Kulonpalonmäki Loop primarily traverses forest trails and partially wider outdoor paths. Boardwalks have been constructed in wetter sections of the paths. Additionally, more challenging sections, including difficult rocky areas, have been reinforced with crushed gravel. The overall appearance of the loop aims to maintain a natural feel as a forest trail. The route also features some elevation changes, as is typical for the Central Finnish landscape.

The route is thoroughly marked with signs and orange paint markings on trees. At the starting point, the Ladun Maja's information board provides a route brochure and map, and along the loop, maps have been installed to assist in understanding location and path. The Kulonpalonmäki Loop features several comfortable nature spots for resting. The Ladun Maja also offers guidance to an outdoor path leading to the nearby Kolmisoppinen lean-to shelter, where campfires are allowed. This section of the route is also designed to be accessible for those with disabilities. The route adheres to the principles of leaving no trace, meaning that the goal is to leave absolutely no impact on nature.


The route brochure and map for the Kulonpalonmäki Loop can be found on the City of Jyväskylä's website at Maastis mountain bike and hiking route website..

The route map for the Kulonpalonmäki Loop is available on the City of Jyväskylä's map service and on the Metsähallitus service.

The construction of Maastis continues throughout this year with route sections being built in Laajavuori and the Huhtasuo-Savonmäki areas. When completed, Maastis will bring together the various off-road routes around the city into a comprehensive network.

More information:

Chief Sports Venue Supervisor Janne Ahola
tel. 050 590 6163, janne.ahola[a]