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Korkealla leijuva patsas, suihkulähde. Image Satu Leinonen
The name of Yaroslavl Square (Jaroslavlin aukio) in Viitaniemi, Jyväskylä, will change to Viitaniemi Square (Viitaniemenaukio). The reason for the name change is that the city of Jyväskylä suspended cooperation with its twin city Yaroslavl in the spring of 2022.

Viitaniemi Square is a suitable new name for the square because it is centrally located in Viitaniemi. Viitaniemi is a significant built environment, and the name is easy to find.

On the name proposal, 26 opinions were received

In Jyväskylä, a city working group dealt with changing the name of Yaroslavl Square located in the site plan area in Viitaniemi in December 2022. The name Viitaniemi Square (Viitaniemenaukio) was proposed as the new name.

There was consulting with the local residents about the naming and the residents of the municipality could take a stand on the name proposal. By the deadline, a total of 26 opinions and proposals were received. The number of 22 voted that the name should be changed and four were against changing the name. Seven thought that Viitaniemenaukio was a suitable name for the square.

The city working group met again on 24 May 2023. The nomenclature working group reviewed the feedback received and ended up recommending Viitaniemenaukio as the square's new name.

Viitaniemi Square will get a new name sign during the summer

- Rescue authorities and other parties will be informed of the name change and the new name will be updated in the city's map service. The name change of the square does not affect the addresses of the surrounding properties. The name sign will change to the Viitaniemenaukio sign during the summer, says Juha Kantanen, chairman of the city working group.

Changing the name of streets and squares happens very rarely in the site plan area. If you want to check the information, Kantanen recommends municipal residents check the up-to-date information on the map service of the city of Jyväskylä. The map service is up-to-date and serves, for example, the rescue authorities.

More information: Real estate engineer, Juha Kantanen, tel: 050 583 2538, juha.kantanen(at)