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Kaivinkone kuopassa. Image Juha Suutari
The structural work on the parking lot P-Paraati has started and the excavation area is expanding along Vapaudenkatu towards Gummeruksenkatu and Kilpisenkatu.

Due to the expansion of the construction area, the traffic passage through the construction area will be closed. The exception is the pedestrian connection between the upper part of Gummerruskenkatu and Vapaudenkatu, which remains in use.

Passage to the City Hall and the City Theatre

During construction, access to the City Hall and the City Theatre building will take place through the Administrative Block (Hallintokortteli), i.e., along the temporary road built between Tietotalo and Rakentajantalo.

The entrance to the City Theater's main doors will be closed from 22 May 2023 and will open again in August 2024. During that time, the City Theatre building will be accessed from the inner courtyard of The Administrative Block (Hallintokortteli) using the foyer of the theatre building.

Access to the City Hall is via the entrance of the Police Chamber.

Karttakuva. Image Sirpa Sandelin