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Kolme pientä lasta leikkimässä päiväkodin sisätiloissa. Image Dolly Aittanen

Jyväskylä's children day-care's summertime starts 1 June until 31 August 2023. At that time, early education services is organized only according to the needs declared by the families. Families must answer the questionnaire of holiday care needs and report the childcare requirements in the Edlevo system by 5 May.

If the guardian's work shifts or vacation days are not clear by 5 May 2023, there is still time to report the child's absence exceptionally in the Edlevo system on Monday of the previous week. Absences reported on Monday of the previous week will still be refunded to the customer fee. In order to receive a payment refund, it is necessary that the treatment needs questionnaire has been answered tentatively by 5 May 2023.

More information:   
Daycare directors
Customer payment secretaries, tel. 014 569 2768, 014 569 7351, 040 513 4644 tai 014 569 1698 
Edlevo-system: application specialist, Timo Piiparinen, Growth and learning services, tel. 050 406 2131