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Viljelylaatikoita. Image Mervi Vallinkoski
In this year reserving cultivation boxes is also possible.

Vacant allotment plots will be available to rent for new gardeners on 11 April at 10 a.m. The allotment plot can be rented online or by visiting the Jyväskylä Information Service (Asemakatu 7). More detailed information about allotment plots and a link to the electronic reservation service is available on the city's website.

Those who rented an allotment plot last year have already ensured the continuation of the rental contract during March 2023.

Planting perennials is possible

It is possible to plant perennials in the Keljonlahti, Kilkitniemi, Kirri, Kortesuo-Viitaniemi, Naattia, and Sulkuranta garden allotments. In the Survo-Korpela agricultural plot area, planting perennials is not allowed because the city maintains soil cultivation of the allotment garden area in the autumn and spring. In addition, the plots must be cleared of all items by 10 October in the Survo-Korpela area. Since the city does not maintain soil cultivation in other locations, so planting perennials is possible.

More detailed information about allotment gardening, plots, prices, and rules is available on the city's website.

Cultivation boxes are available for rent in Vaajakoski and Korpilahti

This year it is also possible to try cultivation boxes. The rental cultivation boxes are in Korpilahti harbor park and Vaajakoski Palokunnanpuisto. There are 30 cultivation boxes in both locations.

The cultivation boxes are 120 cm x 80 cm in size and their rental price is 10 euros/box. The soil that comes in the box is included in the rent. The city will deliver the soil to the boxes by 15 May. More information about the locations of the cultivation boxes and a link to reserve the cultivation boxes can be found at city´s website.

The building and delivery of the cultivation boxes are taken care of by the trainees of the employment services' work and apprenticeship unit.

The cultivation box experiment is part of the home cultivation development project

The cultivation boxes are organized in collaboration with the ProAgria Central Finland home cultivation project. The project goal is to increase information about the various possibilities of home cultivation. The project is financed by the JyväsRiihi Leader group from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, which is why the experiment location is in Korpilahti and Vaajakoski.

As part of the experiment, ProAgria Central Finland ry organizes box cultivation advice. You can take part in the consultation at Korpilahti harbor park. More information about the events.