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Havainnekuva kirkkopuiston P-paraati -pysäköintitalosta 2020. Image Linja Arkkitehdit Oy
The completion of the parking garage P-Paraati construction, such as the underground utility engineering transfers, began last August. In January, construction of the actual parking garage started.

The construction is progressing to a stage that closes a section of the Vapaudenkatu, also the pedestrian and bicycle route. The Vapaudenkatu street nearby Kirkkopuisto, between Gummeruksenkatu and Kilpisenkatu, will be closed from 1 March. The construction work has already increased in the area this week.

– Since last August, our goal has been to keep pedestrian and bicycle routes accessible for as long as possible. Access to all properties, regardless of the construction site, is organized, emphasizes Kalle Kolehmainen, who works as the project's developer.

The nearby parking areas are still available.

The P-Paraati parking garage is being built by Jyväsparkki.

The map below (in Finnish) can also be viewed as a pdf file.

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Map of the construction site area (in Finnish). Click on the map image to enlarge it.

Access to the City Hall

The City Hall parking lot is still accessible through Gummeruksenkatu or nearby Hallintokortelli, along the temporary road between Tietotalo and Rakentajantalo.

– The goal is that driving to the parking lot of the City Hall would primarily be possible through the Hallintokortelli internal road. As the work progresses, the road connection from Gummeruksenkatu to the City Hall parking lot will be closed latest in May, so the road connection through Hallintokortelli will be a substitute, says Kolehmainen.

Due to the construction at Vapaudenkatu, the main door of the City Hall will be temporarily out of use. Access to the City Hall building is possible through the Poliisikamari entrance.

Access to the City Theatre

Entering the City Theatre is still possible through the main entrance of the building at the corner of Vapaudenkatu and Kilpisenkatu. The vehicle traffic in Kilpisenkatu is one-way to the direction of Kauppakatu. The lower part of Kilpisenkatu between Hannikaisenkatu and Vapaudenkatu is still two-way.

The upcoming renovation in Gummeruksenkatu, Kilpisenkatu, and Vapaudenkatu

Some streets in the administrative quarter, such as Gummeruksenkatu, Hannikaisenkatu, Kilpisenkatu, and Vapaudenkatu, will change in the future. Gummeruksenkatu, Kilpisenkatu and Vapaudenkatu will be renovated in 2023-2024. The street renovations are scheduled same time as the construction of P-Paraati, because the projects create synergistic benefits for each other. In the same connection, Alva's new water supply network.

Gummeruksenkatu, between Vapaudenkatu- Hannikaisenkatu, and Kilpisenkatu, between Hannikaisenkatu – Kauppakatu, and Vapaudenkatu, between Gummeruksenkatu – Kilpisenkatu, will be renovated. In addition, the local transport terminal in front of the Forum shopping center will be renovated. The renovation of the local transport terminal extends to Nikolainkulma.

More information about the street renovations in the spring will be published once the schedules are refined.

Map of the construction sites and temporarily closed lanes

Työmaakartta (in Finnish)

More information about the various projects in the core 

Ydinkeskustan rakennushankkeet (in Finnish)