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Application to the English speaking classes’ grades 2-6 for 2023-2024 takes place in January from 9.-20.1.2023. The application is done through a Wilma form. Supplementary application to English speaking classes is meant for students currently studying in mainstream education grades 1-5. The applicants will participate in a language test. Parents have received a Wilma-message, which include accurate information about application, language testing and acceptance criteria. The decisions of acceptance are made on 13.3.2023.

The English speaking classes are intended for all children who have age-appropriate levels of Finnish and are interested in learning more through English. Teaching is based on extensive bilingual education. Students of the English speaking classes study art and physical education subjects and some of the optional studies in Finnish, other subjects are taught through English. 40% of the studies are taught through Finnish and 60% in English. 

In addition, English speaking classes are open for application to Finnish mainstream education students who have an interest in learning through English. 
Also students from other municipalities can apply.  In order to be accepted, students must be granted a voucher from the student’s own municipality. In this case, the parents pay the school transport costs, too. 

Students moving to Jyväskylä can apply to the English speaking classes throughout the school year.

The Basic Education Curriculum and Evaluation of Jyväskylä is followed in the English speaking education. The English speaking classes 1-6 are located in Kortepohja school and 7-9 in Viitaniemi School.

For more information:
headmaster Päivi Liimatainen, Kortepohja school, puh. 050 311 8171 
service manager Pia Bärlund, education of language and culture groups, puh. 040 545 5257 
Introduction of English-speaking classes in Jyväskylä