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Jyväskylä city council elected Timo Koivisto for another term as the mayor of Jyväskylä. Koivisto received 59 out of 67 votes in the official election.
Mies nojaa talvella jyväskylä-kirjaimiin. Image Petteri Kivimäki

The position of the mayor is for fixed-term. Koivisto will start his second 8-year term as mayor on 1 May 2023. He started his first 8-year term in May 2015.

There were six candidates in total  –  two of them met the eligibility criteria.

The city council declared the mayor's position for retrieval at its meeting on 26 September 2022. The schedule was set to make the final decision by the end of January 2023.

Qualification requirements for the city mayor's post were as follows: having a suitable higher education degree, familiarity with the municipality's administration and finances, and extensive experience in organizational management. Additional competencies were also required, such as good interaction skills, versatile knowledge of business life, leadership skills in economy and people, visioning, and strategic thinking.

Six candidates applied for the city mayor position within the deadline. Two candidates, Timo Koivisto and Ismo Korhonen, who met the application criteria, were asked for an interview. After the interviews, having representation of all political groups and led by the chairman of the council, Jukka Hämäläinen, voted 6-1 for Koivisto. In the council, 59 out of 67 elected representatives supported Koivisto's election.

Koivisto has held the position of mayor since 2015.

Since Timo Koivisto has performed the duties of the city mayor, he will not require to undertake the probationary period. The new contract with Timo Koivisto defines the essentials related to the administration of the city mayor's office, such as salary, benefits and other terms of employment. The mayor contract is approved by the city board.

Timo Koivisto holds a Master's Degree in Law from the University of Turku. He has been the mayor of Jyväskylä since 1 May 2015. Before starting his role as a mayor, he worked as the deputy mayor of the city from October 2005. After completing his master's in law, he started to work, for example, as a special assistant to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance and the Minister of trade and economy, and as the head of administration in the Regional Council of Satakunta. Koivisto has also held numerous positions of trust from the boards of the city corporations.

The official election was preceded by a vote on returning the matter to be prepared again.

During the discussion, Joni (PS), supported by Tapani Mäki (PS), Kaisa Garedew (PS) and Kauko Isomäki (PS), proposed to return the matter to be prepared again. However, the recall motion was defeated in the vote by 59-8 and matter continued by conducting the actual office election.

In the office election, councilors could vote for any of the candidates who applied for the position. The election was conducted as a closed ballot. In the election, 59 representatives stood behind Koivisto and 6 behind Ismo Korhonen, while two councilors voted blank.

More information: Chairman of the City Council, Jukka Hämäläinen
Tel. 0400 647 171