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The supplementary application for English speaking teaching groups in grades 2–6 of Jyväskylä basic education for the academic year 2022–2023 will be carried out in the Wilma system between 10 and 21 January 2022.
Havainnekuva vuonna 2022 valmistuvasta Kortepohjan päiväkotikoulurakennuksesta

Pupils currently in grades 1-5 in general education can apply for English speaking teaching groups. The language skills of the pupils participating in the supplementary application will be tested on Monday 7 February. Decisions on enrolment will be made on 10 March 2022. The guardians have received a Wilma message with more detailed instructions on how to apply, language testing and selection criteria. 
English speaking teaching is primarily intended for pupils who formerly resided abroad and begun their schooling in English. The teaching is implemented as comprehensive language-rich teaching. Pupils selected for the English speaking teaching groups will be taught in English, aside from arts and physical education lessons as well as some elective subjects, which will be taught in Finnish.  40% of the teaching is given in Finnish and 60% in English.  

Pupils in general education may also apply for vacancies in the supplementary application round. Applying is also possible for pupils from other municipalities. The criterion for enrolment is a payment commitment from the pupil’s municipality of residence. In this case, the parents of the pupil will be responsible for the costs of school journeys.  

English speaking teaching will observe the curriculum and evaluation principles of the City of Jyväskylä. English speaking teaching groups for grades 1-6 are located in Kortepohja school, and for grades 7-9, in Viitaniemi school. 

The answer to the question about what it is like to study in the English speaking classes can be found in the presentation of the English speaking teaching groups of Kortepohja School. 



More information: 
Service Manager Pia Bärlund, teaching in language and cultural groups, tel. 040 545 5257 
School Principal Päivi Liimatainen, Kortepohja School, tel. 050 311 8171