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Jyväskylä has again broken its record of coronavirus infections. Last week, 880 new infections were detected, an increase from the 684 infections over the previous week. The incidence over the last 14 days is already over 1006.8 infections for every 100,000 inhabitants. 30 to 40 per cent of tested samples turn out positive.
Koronarokotus naiselle hoitajalta

A particular concern is that more than 500 infected people have so far not been reached by contact tracing, even though their close contacts need to be interviewed and quarantined as necessary. The health care services are now in the process of reducing service in non-urgent activities such as physiotherapy and dental care to increase staff in contact tracing. 

The city maintains its own restrictions and asks for help from the Regional State Administrative Agency

As infections continue to mount, the city extends all current restrictions in force until the end of January. In addition, the city formally requests the Regional State Administrative Agency for Western and Inland Finland to prohibit all indoor recreational group activities for adults in the Jyväskylä region. 

Professional sports have been requested to be excluded from the restriction. No separate guidelines for outdoor sports are requested. 

For low-risk premises, the Regional State Administrative Agency is requested to apply restrictions specified in the Communicable Diseases Act so as to enable restrictions in gyms, swimming pools, spas, museums, and other low-risk premises. Any such restriction could be circumvented through the use of the COVID-19 passport. If the Regional State Administrative Agency does issue such restrictions, this would mean the COVID-19 passport would again be required also in the city’s own low-risk premises. 

In addition, the City of Jyväskylä asks the Regional State Administrative Agency to expand the existing restrictions on public events (currently up to 20 persons) to apply to outdoor events as well. With this measure, the city seeks to enable county council election candidates to meet voters outdoors while observing safe distancing.  

School plans remain an open question

We are still waiting on more specific Institute for Health and Welfare guidelines for testing in school. In Jyväskylä, it would mean conducting about 25,000 home tests weekly. 

The city has placed pre-emptive restrictions on the use of its own premises and services

The city will not wait for the Regional State Administrative Agency’s decision for hobby activities, and has already made the decision to not reopen its exercise and adaptive sport groups for those over the age of 18 until the end of January. 

In addition, practise, game, and competitive activities taking place indoors for team and contact sports for those over 18 years of age will be shut down until 31 January 2022. Exceptions include hobby activities for children and youth under 18 years of age (no games, competitions, or camps will take place), as well as professional sports based on a league license or athletic contract as interpreted through applied Regional State Administrative Agency and Ministry of Education and Culture regulations, national team activities, Olympic Committee sponsored athletes and athletes receiving a Ministry of Education and Culture grant. These exceptions mean 22 teams can keep operating in city premises uninterrupted. 

Outdoor sports and exercise will likewise continue on city-provided locations as normal. 

Where the City Theatre and Jyväskylä Sinfonia are concerned, public shows will be suspended until the end of January. Rehearsals will continue, observing safety and distancing guidelines, so as to enable shows to resume as soon as public event restrictions permit it. 

Spring term courses in the Jyväskylä Adult Education Centre will commence using distance teaching. Contact teaching for those over the age of 18 will begin on 1 February 2022 at the earliest. However, teaching for children and youth will begin normally today and will continue unless the Regional State Administrative Agency decides on restrictions that also concern activities for minors.

Libraries in Jyväskylä will stay open. Library services will be available to a restricted extent with the use of public premises limited and self-service library services suspended until the end of January. 

The city continues to recommend everyone over the age of 12 wear a face mask. The Institute of Health and Welfare will issue a guideline on if FFP2 masks will be recommended. 

The restrictions buy time to proceed with vaccinations

The city’s coronavirus emergency management team has stated that the purpose of the restrictions is to buy additional time to vaccinate the populace. As of today, 22.1 % of Jyväskylä, Hankasalmi, and Uurainen inhabitants have received a third dose of the vaccine. 

Vaccinations will be further accelerated in the coming weeks. 

More information

Mayor of the City of Jyväskylä, Timo Koivisto, tel. +358 50 3362 819

Jyväskylä’s municipal physician responsible for communicable diseases Ilkka Käsmä, tel. +358 50 522 0486