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An extensive safety survey has been launched in Jyväskylä to gather the ideas and experiences of residents on the safety of their home town. The survey aims to determine which things are already in order and what things could be improved so that Jyväskylä and its residential areas would feel even safer. City residents of all ages are asked to participate in the survey, starting from Jyväskylä schoolchildren. Answers to the study are collected online as well as at the Kortteliklubi community clubs in the city centre and Kangas.
Kuvituskuvassa talon seinässä lukee Suuri turvallisuuskysely

— Safety arose as one of the themes in the resident survey prepared as the basis for the city strategy work in early autumn. Research also shows that in Finland, the feeling of safety in everyday life has suffered because of the coronavirus pandemic. We felt that it was necessary to look at the issue through the experiences of Jyväskylä residents; Mayor Timo Koivisto provides background to the survey.

The extensive safety survey that has just been launched will cover the entire city for the first time. Of course, safety information has been collected in the past, but only in specific areas of the city. 

- Now, the aim is to get a good overview of how the residents see the safety in their own area and what things they wish to be improved, says Housing Specialist Piia Sipinen.

The results of the survey will be used to develop safety in the city. The aim is to improve safety in the daily life of all Jyväskylä residents. The information collected can be used to address themes that require immediate attention, and things that can be easily repaired, such as the lighting in residential areas. Safety is much more than responding to threats: in particular, it is prevention, anticipation, and preparedness. Information will also be helpful in planning measures in the long term and developing the residential areas.

- The experience of safety is very individual and comprised of several factors. Development activities should also be carried out in cooperation between different sectors and service units to make them as effective as possible in people’s daily lives," says Merja Pihlajasaari, Coordinator in mental health work and substance abuse and violence prevention.

The extensive safety survey will be open from 15 November to 15 December 2021.  You can answer the questionnaire online, either electronically at  or by filling in a paper questionnaire at Kortteliklubi in the city centre (Vapaudenkatu 48-50) or Piippuranta Kortteliklubi in Kangas (Paperitehtaankatu 1).

Among the respondents, there will be a draw of product prizes and gift cards for stores and services in Jyväskylä.

Further information:

- the extensive safety survey: Coordinator in mental health work and substance abuse and violence prevention, Merja Pihlajasaari, tel. + 358 50 454 8258, 
- the extensive safety survey: Housing Specialist Piia Sipinen, tel. + 358 40 588 5638, 
- the online survey: Senior Planning Officer Juulia Jalava, tel. +358 50 475 6729, 

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