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The health care services have received a large number of calls from persons whose COVID-19 test results have not been displayed in the Omakanta online service. The error causing this breakdown has now been located and is in the process of being corrected.

Koronatestissä viedään näytteenottotikku nenään

The corrections will apply to positive COVID-19 test results, as  a positive result in Omakanta constitutes a certificate of immunity to COVID-19 valid in the EU. Negative test results will not be applied to Omakanta retroactively, because the EU test certificate for a negative result is in any case valid for only three days (72 hours).

Both negative and positive test results continue to be communicated to customers by text message. Furthermore, the health care services will call customers with a positive test result. 

More information

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The EU Digital COVID Certificate is now available in the My Kanta Pages. See My Kanta Pages (Omakanta)