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In spite of heavy snow cover last winter, the City of Jyväskylä did a good job with street zone maintenance.
työkone nostaa lunta kuorma-auton kyytiin

However, good performance requires not only advance preparation, but also balancing between costs incurred and weather conditions. In the 2021 budget, winter maintenance of the streets was budgeted approximately 3 million euros.

Winter maintenance of street areas in numbers

When the city starts ploughing with all equipment, the cost of starting the ploughing is approximately EUR 75,000 per departure. This year, starting with entire equipment for snowploughing took place 16 times. Correspondingly, during 2020, starting with all equipment for snowploughing took place 9 times.

The city also takes good care of the ploughing of walkways and cycleways. If less than 4 cm of snow falls, only the walking and cycling paths are ploughed. 

The cost of removing snow and slush for the period January-May was approximately EUR 1.7 million euros. Correspondingly, last year the costs over the same period was EUR 580,000.