The vacant plots of the city’s garden allotments have been opened to rent to new gardeners.

You can reserve a plot online or at Jyväskylä information Service Desk (Asemakatu 7).

Perennial cultivation is possible

Perennials can be planted and grown in Keljonlahti, Kilkitniemi, Kirri, Kortesuo-Viitaniemi, Naattia and Sulkuranta garden allotments.  Land preparation will still be performed in Keljonlahti, Kirri and Kortesuo-Viitaniemi until early May, but in future the city will not perform soil cultivation in these areas. 

The city carries out soil cultivation in the Survo-Korpela allotment garden area in the autumn and in the spring, and therefore the plots have to be cleared of all items by the end of September.  

- We made modifications to garden allotment activities early in the year.  Many people expressed the wish to enable the planting and growing of perennials and we also received suggestions that soil cultivation should not be completely abandoned by the city, since this would allow the cultivation of plots for many elderly persons. We decided to continue soil cultivation in the Survo-Korpela garden allotment area. Soil cultivation is not performed by the city in other areas, and this enables the planting and growing of perennials’, says the green service manager Tuija Pajunen