All individuals in risk groups are encouraged to book an appointment for the first vaccination now, because as of 22 April, also other residents, one age group at a time, can start to book appointments online.

The vaccination train is chugging forward and after passing the post of 34.400 first doses of the vaccine, is speeding up. Healthcare services encourage all individuals in risk groups to use their right to be vaccinated as soon as they can: a text message was sent to all phones with a number available in the data.

- Even though corona news have been telling about a lower rate of infection and many of the restrictions are going to be terminated or alleviated in the beginning of May, the situation may, unfortunately, take a turn to the other direction, too. Therefore the increase of vaccination coverage is extremely important, says Ilkka Käsmä, the physician responsible for communicable diseases at Jyväskylä Health Services.  

On Thursday 22 April, all 60- to 64-year-olds outside risk groups will be entitled to book vaccination appointments online. After that, vaccinations will proceed to younger age groups in 5 or 10 years stages. 

Eligibility for booking an appointment will be checked in future on the city webpage

- Also, notifying practices of the eligibility for booking will change. Once basically healthy working-age persons have their turn to be vaccinated, they will be asked kindly to follow the progress of the vaccination schedule on the city website at In other words, eligible individuals will no longer be notified by a text message or postcard, says Johanna Tuukkanen, the chief medical officer in charge of corona vaccinations for Jyväskylä, Hankasalmi and Uurainen. 

On Thursday, also private healthcare actors will be participating in the vaccinating task. They need to have a contract with the municipality before they can start. In many municipalities, signing has been on hold, waiting for the recent Kela decision on vaccination reimbursement.  Also the private actors will proceed exactly in the same age group order and pace as municipal vaccination points. 

If the online booking becomes congested at times, try again a couple of hours later. 

–    The corona vaccination telephone service has been very busy lately. I would like to ask everyone with access to online services to book their appointments on the Internet, Johanna Tuukkanen says. 
In Week 16, vaccinations are given also on Saturday. Also, we have been able to add some evening appointments in our calendars.