The first encounter between nature photographers and photographic artists, the Whose Nature? exhibition series, launches from Jyväskylä 

Jyväskylä Art Museum
Kenen luonto?
27.3.– 16.5.2021 

The Museum of Central Finland
Kenen luonto? Keski-Suomi
Galleria Ratamo
Heikki Willamo: IMAGES OF THE MIND – photographs of animals

Kenen luonto? (Whose Nature?), the most ambitious photography project concerning nature Finland has ever seen, starts in March 2021 with the Jyväskylä Art Museum, the Museum of Central Finland and Galleria Ratamo.

The national Whose Nature? project seeks to bring together photographic artists, nature photographers, scientists, as well as all those interested in nature, to build a new image of nature and its role as an exciter of social and political passions. It seeks to inspire and empower positive interest in nature and change towards more sustainable development. The project speaks for nature, highlights excellence, and builds up new platforms for professionals and hobbyists alike. Its key themes are change, adaptation, and hope. The project, coordinated by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, will tour galleries of photographic art around Finland over 2021.
– Finally we see nature photographers and visual artists together in a joint exhibition that highlights the diverse meanings of nature as well as calls for a sustainable way to experience nature. The nature photographers and visual artists who were selected to open the series have a new view on human agency. On one hand, nature belongs to no human, but on the other, it belongs to us all, says the curator of the exhibition, Adjunct Professor in Art, Environmental and Nature Photography, Doctor of Arts Juha Suonpää.

A three-hour opening gala, streamed starting at 1 pm on Saturday 27 March, will feature the curator of the exhibition Dr. Juha Suonpää, the photographic artist Sanna Kannisto, the photographer and researcher Dr. Leena Saraste , as well as the nature photographer and author Heikki Willamo. Further comments on the exhibition and the opening will be offered by the visual artist Samuli Heimonen and the researcher Dr. Satu Olkkonen. The opening event will be hosted by nature journalist Minna Pyykkö.
The first exhibition, to open at the Jyväskylä Art Museum, will showcase a diverse palette of interpretations of nature from both seasoned experts in the field as well as promising new artists. The main exhibition of the Art Museum will exhibit work from the following: Lauri Eriksson, Mika Honkalinna, Nina Huisman, Juho Jäppinen, Sanna Kannisto, Jaakko Kahilaniemi, Sami Karjalainen, Veera Konsti, Laura Konttinen, Ritva Kovalainen, Harri Larjosto, Lasse Lecklin, Ulla-Mari Lindström, Esko Männikkö, Anna Niskanen, Tuula Närhinen, Riitta Päiväläinen, Antti-Jussi Rantala, Perttu Saksa, Juha Taskinen, Noora-Maija Tokee and Markus Varesvuo. The exhibition is curated by Juha Suonpää. 

The Museum of Central Finland will offer a selection of local views of nature. The Kenen luonto? Keski-Suomi (Whose Nature? Central Finland) is a collection of works from Central Finland nature photographers and photographic artists that highlights the diverse meanings of nature while calling for a sustainable way to experience nature. The photographers picked for this exhibition are Mikko Auerniitty, Ville Bräysy, Iiro Immonen, Maria Kärkkäinen, Heli Mannisenmäki, Mika Nykänen and Anssi Ruuska. The exhibition is curated by the photographic artists Antti Hintsa and Tiina Palola. 

Galleria Ratamo offers a private exhibition by Heikki Willamo  called MIELEN KUVIA -valokuvia eläimistä (IMAGES OF THE MIND – photographs of animals). The exhibition is made up of two parts. The first is based on Willamo’s most recent book from last year, Metsä minussa (The Forest in Me). The other is derived from the exhibition Myyttinen matka (Mythic Journey) and is focused on animals, especially mammals. Willamo’s exhibition covers the old forests of the artist’s home area, animals, as well as echoes of Stone Age cave art and mythologies.