The City of Jyväskylä's Emergency Management Team reviewed the weakened COVID-19 situation in the city. The Emergency Management Team decided that the city will suspend sports activities for children and young under the age of 18 in the city premises for two weeks. In addition, the city decided to close libraries and museums for two weeks starting on 1st of February.

Earlier on Sunday 31 of January it was decided that 7th- 9th graders will move to distance education for a week. 
- The disease is currently spreading, especially among children and young people. Quarantines affect more than 10 schools and more than 400 children are quarantined.

Summary of new recommendations on restrictions

- Comprehensive school grades 7-9 move to distance education 1.2.-7.2.
- Suspension of sports activities for under 18 years old in premises of the city from 1 February to 14 February. 
- Closure of city museums and libraries 1.2.-14.2.
-  A strong recommendation for remote working throughout the city in all tasks where it’s possible. The recommendation is valid until the end of February.