Application period for grants to cultural, sports and exercise, youth, and civic activities ongoing.

Advice on grants 7.-29.1.2021

  • tel. 014 266 1363 on weekdays at 13-15, avustukset(at)

More information

- Cultural Director Mari Aholainen, tel. 014 266 4040, mari.aholainen(at)
- Head of Planning Eeva Simula, Sport Services, tel. 014 266 4254, eeva.simula(at)
- Service Manager Katariina Soanjärvi, Youth Services, tel. 014 266 3691, katariina.soanjarvi(at)

City of Jyväskylä's grants:

City of Jyväskylä's grants and subsidies to cultural, sports and exercise, youth, and civic activities can be applied in January.  Application period ends on Friday 29 January at 15.00. 

These grants are intended to create opportunities for cultural, sports and exercise, youth, and civic activities in Jyväskylä and to encourage citizens to partake in communal activity to improve their welfare and quality of life.

Applications for grants must be made through an online form. More information on the grants and how to apply can be found at

Operating subsidies and and project grants to be applied for

Grants are awarded in the form of operating subsidies or project grants. Registered associations domiciled in Jyväskylä may apply for the operating subsidy to fund the ongoing operations of the association. The subsidy is intended for expenses incurred in activities outlined in the association’s plan of operation.

Project grants can be applied for a targeted event, activity or project. Project grants may be applied for by registered associations domiciled in Jyväskylä as well as communities and informal work and activity groups operating in Jyväskylä. With the exception of project grants for sports and exercise activities that can be awarded only to registered associations. A private person may apply for project grants, only targeted at offsetting costs for renting working spaces for artistic work       

Renewed guideline for grants introduced from the beginning of the year

In December, the culture and sport committee and the education committee adopted updated grant guidelines. Due to changes in the grant process, such as the increase in digitalisation, the guidelines have been corrected to reflect the current situation. The general principles for granting grants have also been updated and some additions to the grant criteria have been added.

In addtition to grants for cultural, sports and exercise, youth, and civic activities , the electronic assistance system also has an open application for employment services and social and health care assistance.