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In the Linkki local transport, there will be introduced at the beginning of 2021 a new service fee of EUR 3.0.
Asiakas pysäyttää Linkin matkakorttia näyttämällä

The fee applies to the loading of the Waltti card in the Linkki and Linkki-VIP transport. 

The loading fee is expected to reduce the card loading in the buses and transfer the loading procedures to the service points and internet services. It is estimated that the buses keep better on schedule when the card loading in the buses is reduced. Also, the driver´s safety at work is improved, when dealing with the cash in the buses is reduced.

There will be no loading fee in future at Linkki´s service point (Asemakatu 7), R-kiosks or Waltti online shop. The loading fee does not apply to tickets bought via Waltti mobile applications or Linkki´s applications either.

The introduction of the loading fee was decided on by the regional public transport committee on November 26 2020. The decision does not apply to loading of the Waltti card in the regional transport or on the market-based transport. The bus operator or EDTE Centre decides on their payment practices.

Additional information: Service Manager Kari Ström, tel. +358 50 60943, kari.strom [at]