Majority of the citizens of Jyväskylä are satisfied with sports facilities and services.

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The City Sport Services, Jyväskylä and Tietoykkönen Oy carried out a survey on Physical Activity Barometer in the autumn of 2020. The target group of this survey was men and women aged 18–79 living in different parts of the city. Data were collected from 900 respondents, through telephone interviews and a web survey.

Physical activity level of the adult population in Jyväskylä is high

According to the results of the Physical Activity Barometer follow-up years, the physical activity level of the adult population in Jyväskylä during leisure time is high. The survey result for 2020 shows that the majority of theadult population (85%) pursue physical activities during leisure time at least once a week. 10% of respondents pursue physical activities daily. Only 2% of respondents do no pursue physical activities at all during leisure time. In the survey, a physical activity referred to at least 30 minutes’ physical activity during leisure time, in which the physical exerciser is out of breath or sweats at least slightly.

According to the survey, the percentage of children under 12 years pursuing physical activities is very high, but decreases clearly when starting the upper comprehensive school. 75% of girls and 83% of boys, aged 7–12 years, pursue physical activities 1–2 hours per day in accordance with recommendations for physical activities.

81% of persons living in Jyväskylä pursue physical activities at least weekly. The most utilised/favoured places for physical activities of the adult respondents were pedestrian and bicycle ways. The next most popular ones were jogging tracks, hiking routes and nature trails (47%), bathing beaches (31%), gyms and health clubs (23%) as well as skiing tracks and sledging hills (22%).

Majority of the citizens of Jyväskylä are satisfied with sports facilities and services

84% of respondents told to be quite or very satisfied with sports facilities and services in Jyväskylä. The respondents considered the role of the city in organising sports services to be important, particularly with regard to physical activities of children and young people, special groups, older people and students.

In addition to trends in physical activities of the municipal citizens, the respondents gave plenty of ideas, wishes and hopes for the purpose of developing the sports facilities and services.

Results of the survey are utilized in planning and decision making

A series of survey conducted over three years provides valuable basic follow-up information to be utilised for the purpose of planning and developing services and supporting decision making.