The number of weekly Covid-19 infections is slightly growing in Jyväskylä. A total of 20 infections have been confirmed so far this week. Last week, week 46, a total of 22 infections were detected.

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  • Physician responsible for communicable diseases, City of Jyväskylä, Ilkka Käsmä, tel. 050 522 0486, ilkka.kasma[at]
  • Chief Physician , City of Jyväskylä, Johanna Tuukkanen, tel. 050 572 4205, johanna.tuukkanen[at]
  • Information on the coronavirus in Jyväskylä

In previous weeks, the number of coronavirus infections was falling in Jyväskylä: 13 infections were detected during the week 45, 27 infections in the week 44, 55 in the week 43. In the week 42 there were as many as 108 infections.

Many of the new infections originates from one private gathering of friends. "We should all seriously consider what appointments are really necessary in these times," reminds Ilkka Käsmä, a physician responsible for communicable diseases of the City of Jyväskylä.

The number and incidence of new COVID-19 cases are increasing in Finland. At the moment, there are so many new cases that the epidemiological situation can worsen rapidly across the country.

Coronavirus guidelines for residents

If you suspect that you have the coronavirus infection, you must first contact the city's health care online via the online medical COVID-19 symptom check-up at service or by calling the helpline +358 14 266 0133 (Mon–Fri 8–16 and Sat–Sun 9–15 and at other times on 116 117).

First the need for sampling is assessed. Then you get instructions on when and where to arrive for sampling.