What was it like to move in Jyväskylä and what is it like to live here? Tell your story about integration in your own words by 30.11.2020.

Information about writing the story in different languages: https://www.jyvaskyla.fi/sosiaalipalvelut/maahanmuuttajien-palvelut

More information:

Service manager Elina Hienola, tel. 014 266 7648, Integration services, City of Jyväskylä

The city of Jyväskylä is updating its integration program. The integration program creates an overall picture of Jyväskylä's immigrant residents and the state of integration. As part of the program work, the city wants to hear stories of integration told by the immigrant residents of Jyväskylä.

The voice of immigrant residents becomes audible in their stories about integration

What was it like to move in Jyväskylä and what is it like to live here? Did you face challenges, or did something go particularly well? You can tell your story in your own words in free format. The story can be personal or it can describe wider phenomena.  You can write your story anonymously in Finnish, English, in your own mother tongue or in the language in which each author wishes to tell their story. 

All the stories will be read and some of the stories will be used as background material in the preparation of the integration program

- Through the stories, we want to, among other things, identify such phenomena of integration of which we may not have knowledge, but for which we as a city can do something. - On the other hand, we hope that through the stories we will learn about the successes or the difficulties that immigrants face during their integrating in Jyväskylä, says Elina Hienola, service supervisor for the integration services. 

The stories can be written online by using the Forms file. The file can be found in Finnish, English, Russian, Arabic, Persian and in Kurdish Sorani. The online form has supportive questions for the author to help them write the story. 

You can also send your story via e-mail in the address elina.hienola@jyvaskyla.fi. We look forward to receiving your stories by November 30 at the latest. The Forms file provides questions which have been created in order to support your storytelling. Extracts from the material may also be used in the city communications. We look forward to receiving your stories by November 30, 2020 at the latest. 

All material will be treated anonymously and the material will be destroyed once the integration program has been completed. Anonymous extracts from the stories may be used in the integration program and possibly in the communications of the City of Jyväskylä. 

The author of the story can leave their contact information and thus participate in the lottery for swimming pool tickets, if they so wish. The winner of the lottery will be notified in person.

Direct links for the online forms in different languages:

City of Jyväskylä's integration programme 2017-2020