The committee heard about various options to achieve the savings imposed in a difficult financial situation.

More information:

- Heidi Rentola, Chair of the Social and Health Committee, tel. 040 0537 824, heidi.rentola[at]
- Kati Kallimo, Director, Social and Health Services, tel. 050 442 2302, kati.kallimo[at]

The city services and public utilities have been set a 12.5 million euro savings goal for the next year, which they are to accomplish by e.g. cutting spending and increasing income. The savings goal for the social services and health sector is 4.4 million euro.

The committee is due to deliberate on the budget proposal on 24.9. The committee’s evening meeting also discussed the future development of the social and health care services network.

City council due to pass budget in November

The mayor’s budget proposal will be promulgated on 19.10.2020, and the city council will hold its first hearing on the budget and set tax rates on 26.10.2020. The city board will go over the budget in its seminar on 5.–6.11.2020, refining the budget for the city council’s final decision in its meeting on 23.11.2020. The committees and executive boards will confirm the operational plans for their respective sectors after the budget has been passed.