Over the past weekend, coronavirus tests in the Jyväskylä health care system turned up four new positive results. Previously instituted quarantines are gradually being phased out. The coronavirus safety instructions are being observed, as can be seen from the masks and safe distancing in the streets.

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THL's situation update on coronavirus

Jyväskylä’s municipal physician responsible for communicable diseases Ilkka Käsmä,  tel. 050 522 0486, ilkka.kasma[at]jyvaskyla.fi

– A week ago it seemed there was a marked increase in infections and several hundred people were quarantined in Jyväskylä. Those quarantined have been tested, and after the weekend, it seems new infections have not turned up in the quantity feared. We can clearly see people have taken note of last week’s scare. The safety instructions are seeing much better compliance now than a week ago. For this, I want to thank all inhabitants. The responsible conduct of people is still the most important means we have to prevent new infections, says Jyväskylä’s municipal physician responsible for communicable diseases, Ilkka Käsmä.  

In a positive development, the analysis of coronavirus test results has speeded up, and results from all laboratory tests can now be expected to arrive in less than two days. You can make a testing appointment for the same day and the testing locations currently have no queues.  

The city will keep providing services while protecting those at most risk and will inform residents immediately if new infections flare up. If no daily flare-ups of more than five infections per day occur, the city will not publish separate updates. You can monitor daily infection counts through data published by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. 

If you suspect that you have the coronavirus infection

If you suspect that you have the coronavirus infection, take an online medical COVID-19 symptom check-up omaolo.fi or call the Coronavirus Helpline, tel. 014 266 0133 on Monday to Friday 8–16, on Saturdays and Sundays 9-15. At other times, please call tel. 116 117. Your need for sampling will be assessed and you will receive instructions on where and when you should go to be tested.