The everyday practices in Jyväskylä day-care will be organized so as to ensure the safety of both children and personnel. In all our activities, we’ll be observing safe distancing and good hand and respiratory hygiene.

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the manager of the child’s day-care centre 
Day-care centres

The fundamental principle is that one should only attend day-care when fully healthy. The hygienic practices will be observed through intensified hand-washing, coughing right if necessary, and intensifying the cleaning of day-care premises, toys and playground equipment. 

Working in small groups 

Children will spend most of their day-care days in their small group. Meals will be organized in a staggered fashion with the small groups. A grown-up will serve the food on each child’s plate. The small groups will take outdoor activities in staggered fashion in the day-care centre’s outdoor area, with trips made to areas near the day-care centre. Any field trips to third-party destinations, or by bus, are cancelled until further notice. Rest during the day will be arranged in a more dispersed fashion than normal, making versatile use of the day-care location’s spaces.  

As per instructions from the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, a child is allowed to carry an important toy to and from day-care. Families are reminded to clean such a toy daily.

Until further notice, no treats may be brought from home to a child’s birthday party. The birthday will be celebrated in other ways amongst the small group.

Day-care photography planned for the autumn will be postponed until later.  

Parent visits to day-care 

Observing hand hygiene is important also when dropping off or picking up children. We ask parents to use hand sanitizer placed in the day-care centre’s entranceways when entering or exiting the premises. Parents should also avoid unnecessary walking inside the day-care centre. If the children of the family attend different groups, we ask parents to drop off and pick up each child at their respective doors.  

The parents of children just starting in early childhood education may be present the beginning of the child’s day-care period. The parent’s attendance will be agreed upon with the day-care centre beforehand, and parent presence will be staggered over several days in order to prevent overcrowding.

Early childhood education planning interviews will mainly be conducted remotely. With the guardians of children just starting in early childhood education, we will try to conduct the interviews in person, observing safe distancing and hygiene. In certain matters, a meeting at the day-care centre with the guardians can be arranged if necessary.