In the Jyväskylä Kangas common yard garden there are two garden sheds that needed locks and lighting. The use of solar energy had already been considered, because nobody wanted to install electrical wiring afterwards. Solio solar benches provided the solution. They produce the necessary energy for the two sheds. This way it was possible to install energy-efficient LED lights and electronic Rollock locks and readers in the shed doors.

More information

Tanja Oksa, Liaison Manager, City of Jyväskylä, Business Jyväskylä, tanja.oksa[at], tel.+358 50 312 5358

Kaisa Hirvaskoski-Leinonen, Project Manager, City of Jyväskylä, Business Jyväskylä, kaisa.hirvaskoski-leinonen[at], tel. +358 46 920 0971

Mika Kataikko, Project Manager, City of Jyväskylä, Business Jyväskylä, mika.kataikko[at], tel. +358 50 526 8622

Two smart solar energy benches were installed in Kangas, with built-in solar cells and batteries. The solar energy produced by the benches provide lighting for the two sheds in the Kangas yard garden, and enable the electronic locking, and while you are sitting on the bench, you can charge your mobile phone and use the wireless Wi-Fi connection.

- It is great that we get this kind of concrete smart city experiment in Kangas during the summer. There are already solar panels on two roofs in the Kangas area, but now the utilisation of solar energy becomes more visible, says City of Jyväskylä network manager Tanja Oksa.