The My Forest exhibition, created in collaboration with the Finnish Crafts Organization Taito, presents the Finnish people’s relationship with forests, wood as a material, and the forest as a space – not forgetting crafts, naturally.

Metsästä käsin – My Forest

Exhibition in the auditorium of the Craft Museum of Finland 3 June–30 August 2020

More information about the exhibition

Mikko Oikari, intendentti, Suomen käsityön museo, p. 050 553 3880, mikko.oikari [at]
Kikka Jelisejeff, kehittämispäällikkö, Taitoliitto, p. 040 7523 662, kikka.jelisejeff [at]

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The exhibition will be at the 2nd-floor auditorium of the Craft Museum of Finland from 3 June to 30 August 2020, at CraftCorner in Helsinki in 4–29 September 2020, and at the Pro Puu Gallery in Lahti in 3–30 October 2020. 

In the exhibition, three craftspeople and two crafts teams bring different aspects of Finnish forests to life: reflections of light, seasonal variation, minuscule plants on the forest floor, dense spruce woods, and the transformation of the forest from a frightening experience to a meditative one. Whittling, which was selected as the Craft Technique of the Year by the Finnish Crafts Organization Taito, also has a special role in the individual installations by the five creators or creator teams. The size of the installations is restricted, and they focus on the creators’ relationship with forests and activities in a forest. 

The exhibition includes works from designers Susanna and Tobias Feuerbacher from Koivisto Studio, master cabinetmaker Antrei Hartikainen, art-craft professional Tarja Heikkilä, artist and furniture designer Milla Vaahtera, and cabinetmakers Ville and Markku Tonttila from Ebonia Design.

These excellent works highlight the unique relationship that people in Finland have with forests, as well as the experiences that colour life even in this era of urbanisation. 

”It’s surprising that the woods that scared me as a child are now my favourite type of woods as an adult: mossy spruce woods dense with the bare trunks of the trees. Moving about in nature inspires my works in many ways. Trees, stumps, light reflections and different shadows, even unassuming twigs on the ground, give me powerful aesthetic experiences,” art-craft professional Tarja Heikkilä describes the background of her contribution to the show. 

The works also comment on the sensitivity of nature’s balance and humans’ impact on nature both as parts of nature and actors who change it. 

“I want to transfer the vulnerability, fragility and beauty of nature into my material of choice, wood, by showing its most fascinating features both structurally and aesthetically,” master cabinetmaker Antrei Hartikainen describes his installation. 

The exhibition is produced by the Craft Museum of Finland and Finnish Crafts Organization Taito in collaboration with the Pro Puu Association.