Only the outdoor playgrounds of Mäki-Matti and Yrttisuo Family Parks will be open to families.

Further information: 

Assistant Director Anna Nurmesniemi, Mäki-Matti Family Park, tel. 014 266 8162  

Supervisor, Early Childhood Education Teacher Anu Kauppinen, Yrttisuo Family Park, tel. 014 266 2547 

Information on the coronavirus in Jyväskylä

Varhaiskasvatuksen varautuminen koronavirukseen

Mäki-Matti Family Park near Harju Ridge and Yrttisuo Family Park in Kuokkala will be reopened on 1 June. Yrttisuo Family Park will be open till 18 June. Mäki-Matti Family Park, however, will remain open over the whole summer. 

This summer, only the outdoor playgrounds of the family parks will be open to families. In addition, only 50 people will be allowed to attend the parks at one time. Events and happenings will be fewer than during normal summers. The buildings and indoor facilities will be closed. However, the toilets will be available to families. 

The clubs will restart in August. Applications for the 2020-2021 clubs should be submitted online by 31 May.  

The same principles of hygiene are to be followed at family parks as at daycare in general 

Health is the number one priority also at the family parks. Therefore, please do not go to a family park if you or your children are ill. Take good care of hand hygiene and maintain a safe distance. Teach your children to cough into their sleeves and to throw their handkerchiefs away once they have used them. Do not bring your own toys or sports or games equipment to the parks.