Special arrangements are being made to ensure that daycare centres will be safe for both children and staff.

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Service Manager Tarja Ahlqvist, Early Childhood Education Services, tel. 014 266 3269 
Service Manager Päivi Koivisto, Early Childhood Education Services, tel. 014 266 3198 
Ajankohtaista tietoa koronaviruksesta Jyväskylässä
Varhaiskasvatuksen varautuminen koronavirukseen

Daycare centres and preschools will be reopened on Thursday, 14 May, 2020. 

Special care will be taken at the daycare centres and preschools to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Non-essential physical contacts will be avoided, and extra attention will be paid to hygiene. At the same time, care will be taken that the children will feel safe and that they will get the attention and closeness they need. 

Preventing coronavirus infections is the joint responsibility of daycare centres and homes 

Preventing the spread of the coronavirus in daycare is the joint responsibility of daycare centres and preschools and homes. If a child has any symptoms of illness they should not be taken to a daycare centre but be kept at home. If a child falls ill while in daycare they will be taken to a separate space where they can wait with a safe adult until their parent or guardian comes to pick them up. If a child or any of their family members has coronavirus-like symptoms, the family should contact the local health centre and follow the instructions given.

Safety (of both children and staff) is the number one priority at daycare centres. Therefore, children will be divided into smaller groups, and the personnel will primarily spend time with one and the same group, avoiding moving from one unit to another. At the same time, however, care will be taken that there will be enough personnel in each group (as required by the law). Much time will be spent outside, not only in the daycare centre playground but also in the surrounding nature. Groups will go out and have meals in turns. This will help to ensure adequate distance between the groups. The staff will distribute the meals to the children. 

More attention will be paid to cleaning. Also, extra emphasis will be placed on good hand hygiene and hand washing, especially when moving from one place to another and before meals. Children will be taught to cough into their sleeves and to throw handkerchiefs away immediately after using them. It is hoped that children will not bring their bedtime toys or any other toys to the daycare centres. Similarly, all other people except the children and the daycare personnel and strongly advised not to come to the daycare centres and to use the playgrounds. Therefore, it is hoped that parents and guardians will not spend more time than is necessary in the daycare centre when dropping off and picking up their children. If they want to talk about their children or concerns, they can use remote contacts or to talk outside, where it is possible to keep a safe distance. 

New day care centres will be opened on 14 May 

Last week families were asked about their need of day care services for the coming weeks. The responses showed that the number of children needing day care will be somewhat greater than it has been lately. Therefore, a few new day care centres will be opened on 14 May (in addition to the centres that are open already). 

After Midsummer, the number of children needing day care will again decrease significantly. Therefore, after Midsummer some of the day care centres will again close their doors, and day care will be provided alueellisesti jo ennalta ilmoitetuissa päiväkodeissa.

If a child stays at home, the City will compensate for the family’s day care fees till 11 August 

If a child stays at home, the City will compensate for the family’ day care fees till 11 August. To receive compensation, the family needs to notify the daycare centre the day before the child is to be absent. Families also need to notify the daycare centre of any changes in their daycare time bookings or absences by phone of text message. If a child is to be absent on Monday, the notification has to be made on Sunday at the latest. Families are strongly advised to make notifications for as long periods of absence at a time as possible. 

The following day care centres and preschools will be open from 14 May onwards 

The daycare centres that will continue to operate under another daycare centre are given in parentheses
Halssila daycare centre (Aittorinne daycare centre), Lokki preschool, Wessmanninmäki daycare centre, Vaajakumpu preschool, Janakka daycare centre and preschool, Haapaniemi daycare centre, Tammirinne daycare centre, Kotimäki daycare centre (Linna daycare centre), Huhtasuo daycare centre, Kangasvuori daycare centre, Tapiola daycare centre, Mäki-Matti daycare centre (Nisula daycare centre), Palokunnanmäki daycare centre, Cygnaeuksen daycare centre, Kortepohjan daycare centre, Kortesuon daycare centre, Kukkumäki daycare centre (Kypärämäki daycare centre), Puistokatu daycare centre, Mannila daycare centre, Lahjaharju daycare centre, Lohikoski preschool, Luhtinen daycare centre (Norola daycare centre), Ritoniitty daycare centre (Ritoniemi group), Pappilanvuori daycare centre, Jokela daycare centre, Haukkamäki daycare centre (Kirri daycare centre), Savulahti daycare centre, Liinalampi daycare centre, Puuppola daycare centre, Tikkakoski daycare centre, Luonetjärvi preschool, Säynätsalo daycare centre (Muuratsalo daycare centre), Keljonkangas daycare centre, Neulaskangas daycare centre, Keltinmäki daycare centre (Kultalakki daycare centre), Myllytupa daycare centre, Ristonmaa daycare centre, Vesanka daycare centre, Kuohu daycare centre, Tikkala daycare centre, Korpilahti daycare centre, Kuokkala daycare centre, Polttolinja preschool, Nenäinniemi daycare centre (Onnimanni daycare centre), Essut groups, Pohjanlampi daycare centre (Ristikivi daycare centre), Tikka daycare centre, Taikalamppu daycare centre, Taikametsä daycare centre, and Väinölä daycare centre.