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Planning Manager, Sports Services Manager (IATOD) Anna-Leena Sahindal
tel. 014 266 4308, anna-leena.sahindal[a]jyvaskyla.fi

In line with government policy, Jyväskylä is opening its sports facilities. Outdoor sports facilities will be opened on Thursday, 14 May. Other facilities will be opened as listed on the schedule below. 

To guarantee the safety of the indoor and closed outdoor sports facilities, it is necessary to follow the restrictions on gatherings, to keep a safe distance and to take good care of hand hygiene. Please, do not go to any sports facility if you have even mild symptoms of cold. Till 31 May, the maximum number of people allowed at the sports facilities, guided events and group activities will be 10, and at least one of these has to be a coach, trainer or instructor. When training, avoid situations necessitating close contact. While at the sports facility, see to it that the distance remains at two (2) metres at the least. If you have a regular time slot, do not go to the sports facility too early (before the beginning of your time slot), and leave the facility immediately once the time is up. 

From 1 June, the restrictions on the number of persons will be eased from 10 to 50. The 50-person limit will apply to public gatherings but also to events organised by private and third-sector operators and to cultural, recreational, exercise and sports events. Public events and gatherings of more than 500 people will be banned until 31 July, 2020. 

Jyväskylä’s sports facilities will be opened as follows: 

  • From 14 May: Turf fields, pesäpallo (Finnish baseball) fields and athletics sports fields (advance reservations only). The maintenance of other outdoor sports facilities, such as neighbourhood sports sites, recreational areas, disc golf courses, outdoor gyms and sand fields, will also be resumed. 
  • From 1 June: School gymnastics halls, Vehkahalli Sports Centre, grass fields, swimming beaches, beach volleyball courts, Mämminiemi and Leirikallio recreational areas 
  • From 1 June: Monitoimitalo Sports Hall (open from Monday to Friday; from 24 August, also at weekends); from 1 to 18 June, guided exercise for at-risk groups at the gym, Mon and Thu, 8.00-10.00 
  • From 1 June: Vaajakoski Sports Hall, Lehtisaari Kuntotalo (Fitness Centre) and Korpilahti Gym
  • From 15 June to 16 August: Beach lifeguards patrolling at Lake Tuomiojärvi
  • From 27 July: The Practice Ice Rink (open Mon-Fri; from 10 August, also at weekends) 
  • From 27 July: The Hockey Ice Rink (preliminary schedule, depending on the refrigeration system renovation schedule) 
  • From 3 August: AaltoAlvari and Wellamo Swimming Centres (from 1 June to 31 July, reservations for clubs); from 17 August, guided exercise groups 
  • From 6 August: Hipposhalli Sporting Centre  
  • From 10 August: Kuokkalan Graniitti Sports Centre  
  • From 17 or 24 August: Tikkakoski Ice rink 
  • From 5 October: The Mini Hockey Ice Rink

If those who have regular reservations do not follow the 50 limit on gatherings, the City Sports Services has the right to cancel the reservation. 

Please, follow the restrictions provided gy the Finnish government:https://valtioneuvosto.fi/en/information-on-coronavirus

Instructions given by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare: http://thl.fi/en/web/infectious-diseases

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