Watch this video where Mayor Timo Koivisto updates the coronavirus situation in Jyväskylä. Please, choose the correct language (English).

The restrictions have worked, and the coronavirus situation in Jyväskylä and the whole of Central Finland is well under control, even though we do not know the absolute number of coronavirus infections in our area. In the Central Finland Health Care District we have enough protective equipment for health care professionals, and more equipment has been ordered through our normal, reliable channels. 

We have been able to increase the number of coronavirus tests. However, no one should go straight away to any testing station. In this way we will be able to avoid overburdening the testing stations.

The situation is still serious, and we need to keep following the instructions so that the situation will remain under control. The spring is coming and the weather is getting warmer. However, let’s try to avoid unnecessary physical contacts and take care of hygiene. 

The day is getting closer when we will be able to continue living our normal lives.