Updated on 4 June

Maternity and child health clinics help pregnant mothers and babies but also support families with older children 

Maternity and child health clinics offer help to pregnant mothers and their babies. During the pandemic, the services are reduced. For example, in most cases only the mother should visit the maternity clinic. Similarly, only one parent or guardian should accompany the child to a child health clinic. Siblings should not come to the clinics.  

You can also book a phone appointment with a public health nurse if you want to talk about problems with your everyday life or your partner. 

The maternity and child health clinics use a centralised telephone service. The service is available from Monday to Thursday at 8–16 and on Friday at 8–14, tel. 014 266 0141. The Neuvola Chat (chat service for maternity and child health clinics) also answers questions from Tuesday to Thursday, at 13–15. 

Early education services

Daycare centres and preschools will be reopened on Thursday, 14 May, 2020. 

Special care will be taken at the daycare centres and preschools to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Non-essential physical contacts will be avoided, and extra attention will be paid to hygiene. At the same time, care will be taken that the children will feel safe and that they will get the attention and closeness they need. 

If a child stays at home, the City will compensate for the family’ day care fees till 11 August. To receive compensation, the family needs to notify the daycare centre the day before the child is to be absent. Families also need to notify the daycare centre of any changes in their daycare time bookings or absences by phone of text message. If a child is to be absent on Monday, the notification has to be made on Sunday at the latest. 

Basic education

In line with government policy, primary and lower secondary schools will restart classroom teaching on 14 May, 2020. Pupils will go back to school, and there will no longer be distance teaching. 

Instructions on absences and medical certificates required to qualify for distance learning 

If a child is ill or if the parents do not want their child to take part in classroom teaching because of the coronavirus pandemic, they need to apply for permission for the absence. Requests for shorter absences (less than 5 days) are submitted to the teacher, requests for longer absences (more than 5 days) are submitted to the principal. Once the schools are open, only high-risk children will have the right to distance teaching. To have the right to distance learning, the child needs a doctor’s certificate which has to be submitted to the school. The certificate can be acquired from the health care professional responsible for the child’s treatment (specialised medical care services or the local health centre). 

Student welfare and school health care services 

As of 14 May, personal consultations will be held as face-to-face consultations; extended phone services hours will continue till 18 June. Multi-professional and communal pupil welfare team consultations as well as family meetings will continue be held as remote consultations. Extended telephone services hours will continue to be available till 18 June. 

It is important to remember that to be able to go to an in-person, face-to-face consultation, the child must have no cold-like symptoms. Also, it is necessary to take care of good hand hygiene. If a child or his or her family member belongs to an at-risk group, the family should consult health care professionals so as to see whether it is safe for the child to go to a face-to-face consultation. 

Our student welfare advisors and psychologists can be contacted by telephone Monday to Friday between 12:00 and 13:00. Please note that we will endeavour to respond to calls at other times too. The joint pupil care service for pre-school, basic education and secondary school pupils is available on 014 266 1803. The lines are open Monday to Friday, 08:00–16:00.

Schools will start arranging health care examinations 

At the moment, consultations with school health care professionals are only available for those who have booked an appointment. Appointments can be booked by calling the School Health Care Helpline, tel. 050 308 7324 , on weekdays at 8-14.   Schools will start arranging health care examinations. The school nurses will contact families and help them to book appointments for the examinations.  

School and student healthcare services available by appointment

All pupils starting Year 1 (eppuluokka) and Year 8 will receive a health check. The school health service will be closed in July.

Student healthcare for secondary school and university of applied sciences students

Student health service appointments that were made previously will go ahead as normal, and new appointments are also available, including new conscript preliminary health checks and mental and sexual health appointments. The walk-in service remains closed. You can contact the student health service on 014 266 2260. The lines are open Monday to Thursday, 08:00–16:00 and on Fridays 08:00–13:00. The puhelintunti phone-in service is open as normal and can be contacted Monday to Friday, 12:00–13:00.

Youth services

The youth workers of the City of Jyväskylä can be contacted via the Discord server from Monday to Friday at 16-20 and on Friday at 16-22. You can join the Discord server at https://discord.gg/3fHFKtj. There is always a youth worker or a youth professional on the channel. Youth workers also answer questions on WhatApp and Instagram.

Outreach Youth Work has its own Discord server at https://discordapp.com/invite/nrgyNKg. On the server it is possible to chat anonymously. Youth workers will be on the channel on weekdays at 10-17. 

One-stop Guidance Center Ohjaamo Jyväskylä and Outreach Youth Work can also be contacted by phone and email. One-stop Guidance Center Ohjaamo Jyväskylä is currently serving remotely and can be contacted on weekdays at 8-16 by phone, text message or WhatsApp. The number is 050 311 8877. You can also send email to ohjaamo(at)jyvaskyla.fi. 

Outreach Youth Work can be contacted on weekdays at 8-16 by phone and WhatsApp. The number is 050 501 9936. You can also send email to etsivatyo(at)jyvaskyla.fi.

Partial return to normal for City of Jyväskylä summer Youth Services 

City of Jyväskylä Youth Services are commencing a phased return to normal service provision. During the summer months, the majority of advice and guidance services will be provided by telephone and online. The Nuorten taidetyöpaja workshops will return from 1 June. They will be run virtually but some contact time will be provided where possible.

Family counselling centres offer guidance, counselling and family mediation

Family counselling centres offer guidance, counselling and family mediation to families facing e.g., relationship or parenting problems or considering or coping with separation, divorce or co-parenting. 

The family counselling telephone service is available from Monday to Friday at 9–18, tel. 014 266 3590. 

Early support and home services 

Early support services offer counselling, social support, family and home services to families needing urgent help. The telephone service is open Monday-Thursday 8-14, tel. 014 266 3501. 

If you need help in food delivery or pharmacy services, please call 014 266 0550 on weekdays at 9–18.

Perhekompassi online chat for families

The Perhekompassi online chat service offers advice and guidance for families on a range of everyday and parenting issues. You can contact the service anonymously to ask for help with topics like parenting, relationships or to find out more about services for families. The chat is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 08:00–14:00 at www.jyvaskyla.fi/perhekompassi.

Child welfare supervisors help in matters related to custody, housing, visiting rights and alimony 

Child welfare supervisors help families in matters related to custody, housing, visiting rights and alimony. During the coronavirus pandemic, most of the services are offered remotely. However, acknowledgements of parenthood still require on-site visits.

You can call child welfare supervisors for guidance and counselling on Tuesday at 13–16, on Wednesday at 10–12 and on Friday at 10–14, tel. 014 266 7011. 

The telephone service for supervised and supported visits is available on Monday at 8.30–10, on Tuesday at 12–16 and on Thursday at 9–10, tel. 014 266 3993. 

Support when parent/guardian admitted to hospital for coronavirus treatment

If a parent or guardian based in the Jyväskylä area is admitted to hospital due to COVID-19, a social worker from the Keskussairaala on-call team will carry out a needs assessment and make the necessary care arrangements. Contact details: 014 266 4367. Outside of normal office hours, please contact the on-call team on 014 266 0149.

Contact child welfare if you are worried about a child’s wellbeing 

Contact child welfare if you are worried about a child’s wellbeing because e.g., of child abuse, neglect, domestic violence, the parents’ or the child’s substance abuse or the parents’ mental illness.

The telephone service for non-institutional child welfare is available on weekdays at 8-16, tel. 014 266 0135. At other times, please, call Emergency social services, tel. 014 266 0149, or 112.