In Jyväskylä, school food will be distributed regionally next week. Families will receive a Wilma message early this week at the latest where they will be asked about their need for food.

Schools will then arrange the delivery of food and let families know where and when they can pick up their food bags. The bags will contain foodstuffs, not ready meals. Also, there will be no meat and no fish. Those following a gluten-free diet will receive their food bags gluten-free. Families will be asked beforehand if they follow a gluten-free diet.

Schools and dates of delivery (schools distributing food in bold)


Palokka comprehensive school
+ Jokela school

Kuokkala comprehensive school

Vaajakumpu school
+ Vaajakoski comprehensive school 
+ Haapaniemi

Tikka school 


Mankola comprehensive school
+ Keski-Palokka school

Savulahti day care centre and school 
+ Saarenmaa school

Janakka day care centre and school
+ Oravasaari school

Jyskä school
+ Tammirinne day care centre and school
+ Halssila school

Huhtasuo comprehensive school
+ Huhtasuo, education of the disabled
+ Kangasvuori day care centre and school

Viitaniemi school
+ Kortepohja school

Puistokatu day care centre and school

Lohikoski school


+ Tikkakoski comprehensive school
+ Liinalampi
+ Puuppola school

Korpilahti comprehensive school

Tikkala day care centre and school

Keljonkangas school
+ Lehtisaari school

Keltinmäki school
+ Keltinmäki, education of the disabled
+ Kilpinen comprehensive school

Kypärämäki school
+ Kypärämäki, education of the disabled

Vesanka day care centre and school
+ Kuohu day care centre and school

Muuratsalo day care centre and school
+ Säynätsalo day care centre and school

Further information: School principals