Business Jyväskylä and Woolman Oy are planning an online store to support small service providers and specialised shops operating in Central Finland. The store will give companies an opportunity and easy way to test selling their products and services online. The store will open in early April at

The coronavirus is taking a heavy toll on most companies. Shopping centres, for example, are almost empty. At the same time, online shopping has close-to doubled. 

In Business Jyväskylä and Woolman Oy it is hoped that the new online store will interest companies that have no further experience in e-commerce. 

A six-month test period without great investments 

Each company taking part in the experiment can sell one product or service online. No initial investments are needed. Also, the only costs are transaction costs. In addition, companies need to make sure that their product or service can be sold and delivered concretely. Plans are being made for the delivery process.

The online store will be open to companies for six months, from April to the end of October.

Sports clubs will have an online store of their own 

Sports clubs will also have an online store. In the store, sports clubs will be able to sell standard and fan products but also e.g., memberships, knowhow and other immaterial services. 

How can you take part?

Business Jyväskylä is currently making a list of companies interested in taking part in the online store project. If you are interested, please: 

●    Send a message to
●    Write a short description of your company and give your contact details. 
●    Name the product or service you would like to sell online at this stage already, if possible. 

Further information:

Nina Rautiainen, Project Manager, City of Jyväskylä, Business Jyväskylä,, tel. 050 4137 028

Juha Harju, Chief Executive Officer, Woolman Oy,, tel. 050 440 8008