The City of Jyväskylä provides extra services for quarantined over-70-year-olds. As of Monday, 23 March, the telephone service hours for the elderly are extended to 18.00.

Help available at home

  • As of Monday, 23 March, the telephone service on the food and pharmacy services of the elderly will be open from Monday to Friday, 8-18. The service number is 014 266 0550. Residents are strongly advised to call only on weekdays.
  • At other times, please call the Emergency Social Services Helpline, tel. 014 266 0149.

Health care guidance 

  • To receive health care guidance and assessment, residents of Jyväskylä, Hankasalmi and Uurainen are to call the helpline, tel. 014 266 0133. The number answers on weekdays, from Monday to Friday, 8-16.  
  • At other times, please call the Medical Helpline, tel. 116 117.  

Over-70-year-olds are to remain in quarantine-like conditions 

Over-70-year-olds should remain at home in quarantine-like conditions and avoid contact with other people. However, going out e.g., for a walk and using health services is still possible. In an emergency, the elderly can also do their shopping or go to a pharmacy themselves, provided they avoid the busy hours and close contacts with other people and protect themselves eg., by taking care of hand hygiene. 

As far as possible, the daily errands of elderly, such as shopping and going to a pharmacy, should be taken care of by e.g., their family members and friends or by using shops' and pharmacies’ home delivery services. Those providing help for the elderly must not have a cold. The helpers should also be careful not to transmit the virus to the elderly. A practical way to avoid transmitting the disease is to leave e.g., the shopping behind the door.  

The service hours of the City service number have been extended 

The City of Jyväskylä provides food delivery services for those over-70-year-olds who would otherwise get no help. The City has set up a helpline through which requests can be made. The services are billed in ways that are agreed upon between the customer and the City. Please, do not give money or bank cards to strangers even if they help you. Rather, ask the City for help. 

Health care guidance available on the coronavirus helpline 

In order to avoid unnecessary calls to the health services, please remember that even if quarantined, the elderly can still have normal medical tests at laboratories, see a doctor or a nurse or have their wounds treated. Previously made appointments at health centres will also remain valid. In case of a cancellation, the health services will call the customer. 

No visits to housing units of the elderly 

Visits to the housing units of the elderly and other at-risk groups are forbidden, The only possible exception are visits to those in end-of-life care. Even these visits need to be agreed on between the manager of the housing unit and family members. 

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