The closures and restrictions caused by the coronavirus have moved Jyväskylä residents to ask the City to start playing the traditional Harju Ridge evening song at this stage already. This familiar song will bring comfort and a sense of unity to the homebound residents.

The City of Jyväskylä has made a decision to start playing the cherished Harju Ridge evening song as of Friday, 20 March, After this, the song, "Laulu synnyinmaalle" by Aulis Raitala, will be played from the Vesilinna Observation Tower every evening at 18.00 till the end of April. 

Normally, the Harju Ridge evening song has been heard in the summer only. At Chrismas time, another song, "Joulun kellot" by Armas Maasalo, has cheered up the residents. Now thanks to ample feedback from the residents of Jyväskylä, the City has decided to bring joy to and to increase the sense of unity of its residents by means of this memorable song.