Plans are underway for creating a mountain biking and hiking trail that will circle around Jyväskylä. Due to cover roughly 58 kilometres, the trail is set to make use of existing cross-country ski tracks, hiking trails and cycle paths.

Get to know the trail route here:

More information

Project coordinator Jani Autio 

phone +358 14 266 3768, jani.autio[a]  

The full trail is only intended to be accessible during the snow-free season, as during winter some sections of the trail will serve as cross-country ski tracks and are therefore not suitable to walkers or cyclists. 

It’s not expected that significant new trail building will be required, thanks to the comprehensive network that already exists in the area.  

However, the quality of the paths will be enhanced to make them suitable for biking, and there are plans to invest in signage too. The project has been awarded funding by the Regional Council of Central Finland. 

Work on the trail upgrade will commence in summer 2020

A number of City of Jyväskylä departments and Jyväskylän Pyöräilyseura, a local cycling club, have contributed to the trail design. If all goes to plan, work to level and elevate the path and to install signage will be underway this summer. Trail improvements and signage installation will be carried out as a City of Jyväskylä path to employment project. 

Residents will be consulted on a more detailed route plan during the spring months. It is hoped that the route and signage will be completed by the end of 2021.  

The new trail forms part of the City of Jyväskylä’s outdoor exercise programme.

The map shows a draft outline of the new trail.