All 6th graders in Jyväskylä schools have an opportunity to apply for English-based instruction provided by Viitaniemi School in the supplementary intake of pupils to be held during 23 October–7 November 2019. On 21 October 2019, the guardians of all 6th graders will receive a Wilma message providing more detailed information on the application procedure, language test and selection criteria.

More information
Service Manager Pia Bärlund, phone +358 14 266 4889  
Rector Päivi Liimatainen, Kortepohja School, phone +358 14 266 4449 (available on 21.10.2019)
Rector Jouni Hokkanen, Viitaniemen School, phone +358 14 266 4690 (available on 21.10.2019)

Typically, the pupils studying in these English-based groups have previously lived abroad and started school in English. Additionally, the groups include foreign pupils living in Jyväskylä temporarily because they guardians have been seconded here to work, etc. Eligible for English-based instruction are also those proficient enough in English to study the various subjects in this language.

English-based instruction is provided in accordance with the curriculum and evaluation criteria applied by Jyväskylä City. About 60% of the instruction will be provided in English and 40% in Finnish.