GAPin (AVOin) the open urban environment policy for the City of Jyväskylä, has now been completed. The policy combines green spaces (G) architecture (A) and with participation (P) and outlines methods for the construction and development of urban environment with the said three cornerstones in mind.

Have a look at GAPin / AVOin, the Open Urban Environment, Web site AVOimen verkkosivuihin.

Read more about the experiment in GAPin / AVOin, the Open Urban Environment report AVOin kaupunkiympäristö -report (In Finnish)

More information: 

Special Planner Ms. Sarita Nordstrand, phone +358 14 266 2479, sarita.nordstrand[at]

Director of Urban Planning and Land Use Ms. Leena Rossi, phone +358 14 266 5050, leena.rossi[at]

The idea behind all this is that a city is created of not only its built-up environment but also of people and nature.

- Jyväskylä is the trailblazer who has significantly upgraded their architectural and green space policy. When extending the approach, many new challenges can be included, from combating climate change to an environment promoting physical exercise. Solutions to these challenges may be found in the construction of good urban environment, says Ms Leena Rossi, Director of Urban Planning and Land Use for the City of Jyväskylä.

GAPin, the open urban environment policy includes practices for the development of urban environment already adapted and proven by the City of Jyväskylä.  Moreover, also new experiments and bold ideas are included.

- Jyväskylä continues a long tradition of organising design and planning competitions and developing them boldly and ambitiously.   As a new practice, we grant an annual GAPin Acknowledgement for promoting drivers for building procedures and comfortable environment, Ms Rossi says.