Training for service counselling organised by the Social and Health Services in Jyväskylä has sparred the staff towards client-oriented development. Training focused on the role of clients and cooperation between various service units.

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Ms. Miina-Maria Kivelä, project coordinator, registered nurse, City of Jyväskylä, phone +358 14 266 0543, miina-maria.kivela(at)

Assisting clients to appropriate services is one of the factors boosting efficiency of the operations and activities of Social and Health Services.

- Professionals in different fields of work do not necessarily know enough about the services provided by others and therefore sometimes the approach to a client’s case may be incomplete.  Service counselling means a holistic examination of a client’s needs in one meeting and timely assistance to various services, says Ms Miina-Maria Kivelä, project coordinator and registered nurse.

- In addition to training and cooperation, upgrades for legislation and data processing systems are necessary.  For instance, the personnel in various service units has no right to access the entries made by another unit’s personnel or the plan of services provided for a client, Ms Kivelä says.

Promotion of online services was strongly emphasised during training.  For instance, we could do with a multidisciplinary online client plan, which could be used more efficiently for the service path and rationalise the use of social welfare and healthcare service resources. 

Training for service counselling has been a part of the work carried out by Social and Health Services of the City of Jyväskylä.